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Language items lost&found...


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I'm wondering from where really belong this series of language items I found at the end of english.lng [OSD] section...


Scantxt=Channelscan: %d%s done (%d new channel(s) found)
Scan=Start Scan
csReceptiontype=Please choose the receiption type you want to use for the channel scan.
Do you receive TV from more than one satellite?=Do you receive TV from more than one satellite?
If you choose "No" DiSEqC will be disabled.=If you choose "No" DiSEqC will be disabled.
csLNB=You can connect up to 4 satellite positions on a DiSEqC able DVB-S device. Which Positions do you use?
csTransponderlist1=Choose the satellite you can receive on Position 1.
csTransponderlist=Choose the satellite you can receive.
csTransponderlist2=Choose the satellite you can receive on Position 2.
csTransponderlist3=Choose the satellite you can receive on Position 3.
csTransponderlist4=Choose the satellite you can receive on Position 4.
csScan=The system is ready to start the channel scan.
csScanning=The system scans for channels now. This will take several minutes.
csScandone=The channel scan is finished.
%d Channels updated=%d Channels updated.
%d new Channels found=%d new Channels found.
Scan Channels=Scan Channels
This will stop (TV) playback=This will stop (TV) playback
and will stop any ongoing timeshift=and will stop any ongoing timeshift



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