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Jimmy Johansen

Transponder file for cable EnergiMidt (DK)

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Jimmy Johansen

This should find all 50 channels on energimidt DVB-C network.


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Hey Jimmy, , from Silkeborg, really having problems with Energimidt transponder list, in Windows 7 Mediacenter, have 2 FloppyDTV cards and just cat get it to work after i got Energimidt fiber TV,. The list you posted dos nok work as VMC transponder list since it needs som translation frequencies,


Yousee MC transponder list..


indows Registry Editor Version 5.00
















what to do?, plz help, wasting my time on fiddeling with this..

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Hey , solved it...


been workin on it for som time but just after posting to you i got a braekthrough..


made file, energimidt.reg containing this.. (between "")



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



"473833"="146000, 6875"

"474000"="386000, 6952"

"474167"="394000, 6952"

"481833"="402000, 6952"

"482000"="410000, 6952"

"482167"="626000, 6952"

"489833"="634000, 6952"

"490000"="642000, 6952"

"490167"="650000, 6952"



save as reg file and doubleclick, confirm to insert into registry, and you are good to go..


finds all channels 55 of them.. great site. knaleglad out!

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