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Help, I can not download anything from the Members Section!


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Help me, I can not download anything from the Members Section!

I recently bought DVBViewer. I have received the password to log in Members Section on my mailbox. I enter the Members Section normally, but I can not download anything from there. I enter the password and nothing happens. With this problem I consulted "http://DVBViewer.com...x.php?page=lost" and received a reply: "For activation we need prename and surname". But while buying I had forgotten to specify prename and surname :blink:. I informed "http://DVBViewer.com...x.php?page=lost" about my mistake and provided them with the data (prename and surname) for the activation of the program. There is no answer. What should I do ???

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There is nothing which can't be solved by contacting us directly, if you are a regular user. The members section works fine under FireFox, Chrome, IE and Opera (which i use since years).



@Skyserfer: It would be fair enough if you would drop at least an information that you got it working, especially since I can see your downloads in the log file :)

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