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New Credentials for version 4.5 and newer


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How to Get New Credentials


Downloading and installing new DVBViewer versions (beginning with DVBViewer Pro 4.5 / DVBViewer GE 3.0) requires a new password. And a key file... we come back to it below. There are two possibilities to obtain new credential:


1) Purchase DVBViewer. You will receive a mail containing the data you need to log in to the new members area https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members,'>https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members, download and install DVBViewer.




2) Request new credentials, if you have already paid for DVBViewer and obtained old credentials in the past. This procedure is free of charge. However, you may also buy another licence for obtaining new credentials, if you want to support the DVBViewer project.



How to Update Old Credentials


If you have obtained new credentials by purchasing DVBViewer recently (see (1) above), please skip this section. It describes how to update old credentials, that you have received in the past (see (2) above). Proceed as follows:


1) Use your old credentials to log in to the new members area https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members,'>https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members, thus activating a web interface for requesting the new credentials.


2) Follow the instructions given there. Read them carefully! If your old e-mail address (which is your old username) isn't accessible anymore, you will have to enter a new e-mail address, so we can send the new credentials to you. In this case please enter any additional information that may be helpful to identify you as a customer, e.g. the date of purchase, payment method, a copy of the e-mail containing your old credentials - whatever is available.


3) After having submitted the request, your e-mail address will be validated. You will get a confirmation e-mail. It should arrive within 24 hours.


4) The confirmation e-mail contains a link. Click on it (or if this doesn't work for some reason, copy it to your browser's address field). First you will be prompted to enter your old credentials again, if your browser doesn't have them in store anymore. After that a page will appear telling you that the new credentials will be sent to you. That's all you have to do so far.


5) Now wait for a second e-mail with new credentials. Please don't get impatient and don't panic - give us some time to work on it. It may take some days, if the request has to be handled manually, depending on the overall traffic.


6) As soon as the mail with your new credentials is sent to you, your old credentials become invalid for the new members area. After logging in with the new credentials, you will be able to download new DVBViewer versions.



The New Credentials


After having purchased DVBViewer resp. after a completed request for new credentials you will receive an e-mail containing four important elements:


- Key File (as attachment): Required for installing new DVBViewer versions. Store it on your hard disk!


- Login/Username: Required for accessing the new members area and installing new DVBViewer versions.


- Password: Required for accessing the new members area and installing new DVBViewer versions.


- Checksum: Required for installing new DVBViewer versions. Enables to check if you have entered your credentials correctly.


Please note: After having received the mail immediately make a backup. Print it out and retain it for future reference. Additionally store a second copy of the attached key file in a secure place. Future DVBViewer versions will not run without it! And, of course, take care that your credentials can't be abused by other people. Abuse will cause a suspension of your licence and credentials.




DVBViewer Download


Log in to the new members area https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members with your new credentials.


1) Enter the username and password exactly as given in the e-mail, or copy/paste them from the e-mail.


2) After submitting your credentials you should see the new members area and you should be able to download new DVBViewer and Add-On versions.



The Key Tool


New DVBViewer versions will come with a new piece of software called Key Tool. It is supposed to handle everything concerning your new credentials. It will automatically be launched by DVBViewer Pro or the installer when necessary, but can also be used stand-alone. For DVBViewer GE KeyTool.exe is the installer, if there is no DVBViewer Pro installation yet.


KeyTool.exe allows to


- install the key file and enter the username and new password.


- view or correct your input later, without having to re-install DVBViewer.


- delete your new credentials from a PC.






How to Use the Key Tool


1) Select the key file by clicking the button with the "Open" icon. It opens a file dialog. Navigate to the folder where the key file is stored and select it.


Please note: If you download the key file from some email web interface and your ill-natured browser happens to change the file extension (e.g. to .htm or .dvbvkey.txt, should be .dvbvkey), please select "DVBViewer Key File (other extension)" as file type in the Key Tool file dialog. Watch out for a filename with 16 hex digits (0..9, A..F) and select it. The Key Tool will automatically re-rename it to .dvbvkey.


2) Enter the username (your e-mail address), or copy it from the e-mail to the input field.


3) Enter the new password, or copy it from the e-mail to the input field.


The Key Tool will reject invalid resp. superfluous characters or remove them automatically. It will add the hyphens in the password automatically. You don't have to enter them.


4) Compare the three-digit-checksum displayed by the Key Tool with the one in the e-mail. If it is equal, you have (most likely) entered everything correctly. If it is not equal, something is definitely wrong.


5) Click the Save Button to install the key file and to save username and password - done!


Please note: Installing the key file and saving the username/password requires administrator rights. Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 the Key Tool will request them automatically. Under Windows 2000/XP it must be launched in an administrator account. If the Key Tool doesn't get the required access rights for some reason, it will display an according message. In this case try to re-launch it explicitely with adminstrator rights, or (under XP) use the "Run as..." Button offered by the Key Tool.


Please note: The Key Tool does not delete or overwrite your old credentials, nor will an old installer delete or overwrite the new credentials. So you will still be able to install and run older DVBViewer versions on your PC, provided old credentials are present.



In Case of Problems


First of all: In case of a request for a credentials update, please don't click on the confirmation link (in the first received e-mail) needlessly. It will not accelerate the procedure, but may lead to additional problems!


- The confirmation e-mail (the first one after a request for a credentials update) does not arrive within 24 hours.


Make sure to check the right e-mail account, and check your spam folders carefully - the e-mail might have been wrongly classified as spam. If it can't be found there, you can try to repeat the request. Make absolutely sure to correctly enter a valid and accessible e-mail address, particularly when using the "No, I don't have access to the email adress" option, because your old e-mail address (which is your username) does not exist anymore. You may also try to use a different e-mail address the second time, if available.


- The e-mail with your (new) credentials does not arrive, after you have purchased DVBViewer or (only in case of a request for new credentials) you have successfully clicked the link in the (first) confirmation e-mail.


Check your spam folders carefully - see above, and consider that it may take some days, depending on the payment method or (in case of a request for new credentials) on the overall traffic. If the e-mail doesn't arrive at all, please visit this page and write to the e-mail address given there.


- I can't log in to the new members area with the new credentials.


Make absolutely sure to enter the username and new password exactly as given in the e-mail, including the hyphens in the password. If copy and paste doesn't work, try to type the credentials manually, and the other way round. If you are using the Internet Explorer, it may help to add DVBViewer.com and DVBViewer.tv to the list of trusted sites (Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites), or to use Strg+V for pasting, not the context menu.


- I've downloaded the key file / stored it on my hard disk, but the Key Tool file dialog doesn't show it.


Maybe your browser has changed the file extension. Switch to the "DVBViewer Key File (other extension)" option in the Key Tool file dialog. Watch out for a filename with 16 hex digits (0..9, A..F) and select it. If this doesn't help, you may even try the "All Files" option. However, in this case you will have to rename the key file manually. The name must be XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.dvbvkey, where X is a hex digit (0..9, A..F).


- I have installed DVBViewer with correct credentials, the checksum is ok, but DVBViewer stops with an Userdata Error 1242 (or similar) after a short time and closes.


Some security software tends to sabotage the DVBViewer installation (known up to now: Kaspersky, Spybot Search & Destroy TeaTimer, ThreatFire). Stop or deactivate it, re-install DVBViewer and activate the security software again.


Another possible reason for this issue is a DVBViewer Pro download and installation with different credentials (in case of two licences). The credentials for download and installation must be identical! In case of downloads with different credentials on the same PC ist has to be considered that browsers and download managers will probably not download the file again, but fetch it from a cache, if it is already present there.


(Hopefully) not to be continued...

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The email account used for sending the validation email is an automated account. Don't reply or send emails to it, they will be automatically deleted!

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Please do NOT send PMs to the administrators or moderators of this forum regarding your new credentials.


We will not answer but delete them.


We are not involved with the administration or sending of the new credentials. If you think you have a problem read the above text again and if the problem persists mail to the address on this page.

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I have updated the information in the first post. A summary of the changes:


- All customers who purchase DVBViewer will obtain new credentials now. They don't have to run through the request resp. update procedure anymore.


- The new members area https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members ist the official members area now.


- For customers who have purchased DVBViewer in the past, the old members area http://www.DVBViewer.com/members/ will remain online and accessible for some time. It will only provide old versions. Please use your old credentials to log in.

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