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cant received the new system password


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You should revise more then one eMail. Which one did you get and which one not?


i get the Validation email and comfirned




Validation Instructions



As protection against abuse and in order to ensure the correctness of your email address a validation of your request is required. Please validate your email address by simply clicking on the following link. If your email client does not allow it, please copy and paste the link to your browser's address field:




The link leads to a page that first prompts you to enter your old credentials again, if your browser does not have them in store anymore, and then informs you that new credentials will be sent to you.

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Receive the message , but still the old system login information


Hello, Hallo,


DVBViewer Pro Registration Information for login:


Thank you for purchasing the DVBViewer Pro edition.

Vielen Dank für den Erwerb der Proversion des DVBViewer´s.

Username and password are valid for both, the software and the access to our download area.

Der Username und das Password sind für die Software und den Download die selben.


The single user pro-version can be downloaded from the link below:

Die Einzelplatzversion kann hier geladen werden:



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I have the same problem, I requested new credentials over 1,5 week ago (previous saturday) and till today I didn't get anything. Last mail was called "DVBViewer Pro email validation / Bestätigungs-Mail" which I did and was order to wait.

I wrote even on the email address in the Lost section on last Saturday and still no contact.


Please help me with these new credentials. My email address is tygrys [at] tygrys.net


PS. And no, I don't have anything in the SPAM folder...

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