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General license questions


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First of all we want to wish all our customers a happy new year. And we want to thank all people who responded with patience and understanding to problems related to the new credentials.

Particularly we want to thank customers who bought a second licence (or even a third...), though they didn't have to. Some of them are using DVBViewer for a long time, and they got all updates and add-ons for free, so they decided to purchase DVBViewer again, because they believe what they got is worth another 20 Euros, and it's worth supporting the DVBViewer project We appreciate this very much!

However, there are a few points that have to be considered if there are two or more licences resp. sets of credentials.

  • You are owning two or more DVBViewer licences with the same username. Let's assume that you first received username A with password and keyfile A, and later username A with password and keyfile B.
    • Only use the last credentials that you have received for logging in to the members area (username A and password B ), Our server requires an unambiguous relationship between username and password. It will reject username A in combination with the previous password A.
    • Of course you can use different credentials on different PCs for installation. But please don't mix two sets of credentials on a single PC.Password A belongs to keyfile A. Password B belongs to keyfile B. They are not interchangeable. If you install keyfile A with password B (or the other way round) DVBViewer will assume that something is wrong.
  • You are owning two or more DVBViewer licences with different usernames. Let's assume that you first received username A with password and keyfile A, and later username B with password and keyfile B.
    • You may use the credentials A or B for logging in to the members area. However, the credentials for download and installation must be identical! If you download DVBViewer with username A and password A, it must be installed with username A, password A and keyfile A. The same applies to username B, password B and keyfile B. If you mix the credentials up, DVBViewer will doubt that you are the owner.
    • There is a pitfall in case of downloads with different usernames on the same PC. Browsers and download managers will probably not download the file again, but fetch it from a cache, if it is already present there. So you may think that you have used credentials B for download, but the file that you get is still associated with credentials A.

    Finally we want to take the opportunity to answer a frequently asked question:
  • You are owning a single DVBViewer licence, but you want to use DVBViewer on two or more PCs. Are you allowed to?

    In the strict sense you are not. It takes one licence per PC. However, we prefer to keep it relaxed and easy for our customers, which means, we will tolerate using DVBViewer on more than one PC with a single licence under the following conditions:
    • It is a licence for non-commercial (private) use.
    • You or close relatives (long-term partner / children / parents) living with you in the same household are the owner resp. user of the other PCs..
    • You are the only one who accesses the members area as licence administrator. Don't give your credentials to other people. If you do, you are running a high risk that the credentials will get canceled.

Nevertheless if you or your family are making extensive use of DVBViewer on more than one PC, please consider if it is appropriate to buy another licence (see above). We would regard it as encouragement and appreciation of our work.

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