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RadLight 4 multimedia player (BETA 1)

Guest DAvenger

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Guest DAvenger

Welcome to the world of RadLight :bye:


This is the first 'stable' release after almost 5 months. While still in its BETA stage, it's considered stable enough for daily use.


For those of you who don't know RadLight here's an brief overview of what it is and what it does :




RadLight 4 is the first TRUE multimedia player that allows you to fully experience all kind of multimedia content such as DivX™, DVD video or MP3 audio at highest quality possible on the PC. RadLight 4 is the only all-in-one multimedia solution on the market to deliver all of this without being a resource hog or being too complicated.


It's not 'entertainment' when things get too slow or overly complicated


In order to achieve the best user experience and the smoothest playback we needed to take on a different aproach when designing the new generation of RadLight. RadLight's unique modular architecture and its performance-driven component management allow us to fully utilize the potential of modern PC's while using only limited amount of memory and CPU power.


It's all about the architecture


The new sophisticated architecture makes RadLight not only very fast and stable but also highly flexible & extensible via third-party plugins and modules. It's really easy to extend RadLight's functionality or to make it look completely different, when necessary (see the Oldskool MOD for RadLight). Developers and power users are going to love it!


Exceptional stability equals happy customers


RadLight 4 introduces the groundbreaking 'application stability management' system with exception error handling and automatic logfile generation. RadLight users don't need to know much about computers. The 'application stability management' system allow us to resolve all problems quickly and without too much unnecessary hassle on your side.


Download 'RadLight 4 BETA 1 (build 1) with Oldskool MOD"


Download RadLight using BitTorrent


Download "Oldskool v0.1 MOD for RadLight"


CHANGELOG (reflects changes vs. the last stable build)

  • Multi-monitor support improved
  • Media playback now does autoconfigure on first run
  • SWF/Flash playback is now supported
  • Basic VCD support added
  • SSA/--------------- support improved (75% ready)
  • User interface now handles resolution changes properly
  • New 'View file info' dialog added
  • Oldskool v0.1 MOD for RadLight is now part of the installation package
  • Settings wizard added (autodetects system language and helps you select preferred user interface)
  • Shell module fixed (may still have some bugs)
  • Subtitle module improved (override format specific etc.)
  • Brand new 'Media loader' module (this is the thing responsible for duration, tags etc. loading)
  • New 'Shell' module
  • Media playback now does autoconfigure on first run
  • Windows 2000 now fully supported
  • Basic multi-monitor config support added (see "Toggle fullscreen monitor" switch)
  • Subtitle charset auto detect added
  • Advanced auto-loading now working
  • Português, Slovenski and Turkish language files added
  • Volume bug fixed
  • Various user interface improvements
  • Updated Shutdown and Notify window modules
  • Native support for VobSub subtitle format (no need for VSFilter)
  • Native support for MKV (Matroska) and OGM subtitles
  • Subtitle time correction
  • Subtitle renderer selection
  • Subtitle moving, resizing and style selection added
  • Mouse auto hide
  • Experimental language files support (fully UNICODE)
  • Includes English, Slovak and Srpski language files
  • RadLight OSD filter fixed (should not crash anymore)
  • Subtitle module improved
  • Support for SHOUTcast .pls files added
  • SHOUTcast tags & bitrate/sample rate are now displayed
  • RadLight SHOUTcast DirectShow filter v1.0.0.1 (bugfixes)
  • Mouse auto hide
  • RadLight APE DirectShow filter
  • RadLight OptimFROG DirectShow filter
  • Subtitle support (MicroDVD, SubRip, SubViewer 1, SubViewer 2, SubStation Alpha)
  • Updated all DirectShow filters
  • Playlist engine fixed
  • Total duration added
  • Undo added
  • Show/Hide column working
  • Rescan all items added
  • Playlist remembers its top position after changing active playlist
  • Added RadLight Vorbis DirectShow Filter
  • Queue and Play
  • Playlist customization form added
  • Tabs actions + hints
  • Brand new playback module
  • Dynamic playlist
  • Brand new playlist component
  • Aspect ratios (w/touch from outside
  • Support for multiple audio streams... works even with Matroska and OGM (audiostreams button)
  • Playlist interface improvements (Queue, ...)
  • Added "Playlists" category to the Shell module
  • Shell bug fixes
  • Tabs fixed
  • New playlist engine
  • Playlist inherits onkeydown
  • Playlist tabs scroll buttons added
  • Tabs now support Dropping (OLE) later also draging
  • Labels now support unicode
  • APE tag unicode bug fixed
  • Multimoving snapped window added
  • OptimFROG media loader + DirectShow filter
  • Extenension info improved
  • Incremental search bug fixed
  • Button added to show/hide playlist columns
  • Media info objects modified to work with Fileinfo form and for editing
  • Auto sizing/showhide bug fixed
  • Media info items are better formated now
  • Customize and autosize menu item added to popup menu in playlist columns popup
  • Sorting tree bug fixed
  • Priority for tags changed to better output style
  • Splash screen added
  • Playlist file types (m3u)
  • Playlist popup
  • Log on/off switch
  • Unicode hints (internal)
  • Autosize added to column property
  • Multimedia keyboard support (Stop, Play/Pause, Next, Prev)
  • Hint for Tray icon added (ala Expression)
  • Media info plugins expanded and fixed small bugs
  • File dropping optimized and improved
  • Fileinfo form added with tagging feature (MPEG) // not completed yet
  • Samplerate label si now updated (limited)
  • Bitrate label is now updated (limited)
  • Meta data objects totaly rewriten
  • FLAC file info
  • TwinVQ file info
  • ID3Tagv2 frame recogantion expadned
  • Crossfade disabled on video media
  • Play button now plays the playlist selected item if nothing opened
  • Mute bug fixed
  • Open subtitles stuff removed
  • Stop after current works fine
  • Command-line module imporoved
  • Internal changes in Shell module
  • File-info plugins extended (now supports AVI duration)

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Some programs simply register all file types for themselve. I hate such programs. They mix up everything. This is a big plus that I have a freedom of choice after the install. Will there be a german languagefile available in the future??

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Guest DAvenger
Some programs simply register all file types for themselve. I hate such programs. They mix up everything. This is a big plus that I have a freedom of choice after the install. Will there be a german languagefile available in the future??

Heh, that depends on Christian :bye: (or someone else :))


See How to translate RadLight into your language?


Thanks for the feedback!

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Guest DAvenger

New build is out. This version introduces some minor bugfixes.

  • Taskbar bug fixed (VERY important bugfix)
  • OGM/MP4/RLSF extensions are now listed in Shell (once again :bye: )
  • Media loader updated to support SWF files
  • Media loader bugfixes (only a couple of issues mentioned by 'guruboolez' are fixed - sorry, not fully functional yet)
  • OGM subtitles support fixed (didn't work with some files)
  • SSA in MKV subtitle bugfixes (let us know it if works better now)
  • Subtitle rendering function improved
  • Standalone SSA files are now supported

RadLight 4 BETA 1 build 2 with Oldskool v0.2


Oldskool for RadLight v0.2 (standalone)

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