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First steps in this board

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Hi all,

for all new users here are some informations:

1. This board is not a TechniSat-board ! Its a board for DVBViewer of Christian Hackbart. If you have problems with drivers or updates please dont attack anyone here in the board. Drivers are TechniSat Software. Ask TechniSat.

2. Here you dont get an update of your TechniSat Software. (incl. the DVBViewer from the TechniSAT CD)You can get a demo of the newest Viewer on the start site. Click on the first picture on the left site.

3. Before you post anything, please use search function. Maybe the solution of your question is already in the board.

4. You can buy the Viewer for 15 € with lifetime free update. Look at the bottom of the page.You can use bank transfer, PayPal or creditcard.

5. If you can, please post in english. Here are more people that speak english than other languages. And this increases your chances for an answer.

6. Here in the Newbie section you can make testpostings and all other questions about this board.

7. For Conversion/Encoding of recordet streams read the 2 parts "Conversion/Encoding general" and "Tools and Links".


Hallo alle zusammen,

1. Dieses Board ist kein TechniSat Board. Es ist das Board für den DVBViewer von Christian Hackbart. Wenn ihr Probleme mit Treibern oder Updates habt, dann greift bitte niemanden hier im Board an. Treiber sind TechniSat Software. Fragt TechniSat.

2. Hier bekommt ihr keine Updates für TEchniSat Software. (incl. des DVB Viewers von der TechniSAT CD) Ihr könnt Euch aber eine Demo der neuesten Version von der Startseite downloaden. Klickt dazu bitte auf das erste Bild auf der linken Seite.

3. Bevor ihr postet benutzt bitte die Suchfunktion. Vielleicht steht ja die Lösung eures Problems schon hier im Board.

4. Ihr könnt den DVBViewer für 15 € incl. eines lebenslangen Updates kaufen. Schaut dazu bitte auf den unteren Teil dieser Seite. Für die Überweisung könnt ihr normale Banküberweisungen vornehmen oder PayPAl, oder Kreditkarten benutzen.

5. Wenn ihr könnt postet in englisch. Hier sprechen mehr Leute englisch als andere Sprachen. Das erhöht dann eure Chancen auf eine Antwort.

6. Hier im Newbie Teil könnt ihr Testpostings machen und auch alle möglichen Fragen zum Boar stellen.

7. Für die Bearbeitung der aufgenommenen Filme schaut bitte in den Teil "Conversion/Encoding general" und "Tools and Links" des Boards


Viel Spaß hier im Board.


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please help me:


i payed 15 euro and i created an account to acces paypal. but i enter username and password in DVBViewer members area but i cant access to enter downloads..

is this user name and pass is different from paypal username and pass.


i took a 20 digits number what is it. please help me how can i enter members area..

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i didnt take any password. i took only a password 20 digits like this: 1234-4567-0123-3456-5678 and in the mail was sent to me says: use this to confirm your mail. and i confirmed my email adress with entering my password not this 20 digits number. so i didint understand what must i do and which name and password i will use. please explain well i payed money but i didnt any password and name.



in my paypal account in left side of activate account area: Complete Expanded Use Enrollment says. is this a problem or not. i wanted to complete this but it wanted me to write a 4 digits password of my credit card. i dont know what is this and i writed 2 times wrong so i dont know this pass too. is this pass will be sent to my mail later ? and is this needed for entering to mebers area of DVBViewer or not?




or username and password will come to my email later ? please help me. heeeeeeeelp

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This 20 digits is a paypal problem and not a problem of DVBViewer. If hackbart recive your money you will get account data.

Look in your paypal account for transmission.

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i need help about remote command channels bigger than 9. there are 0-9 numbers in remote control device. and as you know we have to press -/--- button to go a channel bigger than 9. but i couldnt set this button. how can i set this button. there is no any command in winlirc configuring window about going to channels bigger than 9. so i can press and open all channes 0-9 but i cant go a bigger channel number like 10 11 12 13 .... please help me to set this function. how can i do this . as i know to go a channel like 14 i have to press -/--- button on remote at first. but there is no this function in DVBViewer winlirc settings.


please help me. my the only problem is this.


waiting for answer...

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Today I bought a license, go to member-zone with your data







I try to download a version of DVBViewer, and it is my constant authentication requests, and which is sent to the e-mail why it is already there and is not suitable for a new try Sign




already tried and Internet-explorer, sinned at Mozzila.

Try to re-enter the member area and go, but does not download!


What should I do?

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