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Changes in Coming DVBViewer


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@All users of the full version:


In the coming DVBViewer 2.2 release (probably on sunday) there will be format changes concerning the file Favourites.ini and scheduled recordings in the file Setup.ini, which may lead to compatibility issues. So I want to let you know in advance.


Up to now channels where stored as a combination of channel number and channel name in these files. This could lead to ambiguities, however, e.g. causing the DVBViewer to switch over to a wrong channel for a scheduled recording. So we decided to change it. The new channel ID will be a more secure combination of the audio PID, the service ID and the channel name.


The practical consequences:


- After having upgraded to DVBViewer 2.2, recordings that have been scheduled before will be executed correctly in most cases provided that the channel name didn't change in the meantime. However, if you want to be on the safe side, re-schedule them.


- The entries in the Favourites.ini will be converted automatically to the new format by DVBViewer 2.2. But if you downgrade to DVBViewer 2.1 again, it won't be able to read the favourites properly anymore, and the Favourites.ini will be corrupted afterwards. So better store a backup of this file somewhere!


- Users of the TV Genial Plugin might be affected, since it accesses the Setup.ini. I think Lars will tell us more about it.... :D


That's all to it - one of the numerous efforts to make the DVBViewer more fail-safe.

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I'm quite optimistic that i will upload the new 2.2 version within this month.


I guess on saturday i will upload the final 2.2 version


In the coming DVBViewer 2.2 release (probably on sunday)


Ich weiß, dass solche Fragen nerven, aber wann kommt die neue Version denn nun? Ich hab gestern schon den ganzen Tag im 30min-Takt hier vorbei geschaut..... dann habe ich den neuen Thread hier gelesen und guck heute schon wieder im 30min-Takt.... und so langsam geht der Tag zu ende....und keine neue Version :D

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@Sascha: Please do us a favour and post in the according German thread, if you want tp post in German. This is the English part of the board.


Christian announced the new version here.

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