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DVBViewer Pro 4.8


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 4.8 today.

ATTENTION: You can download the DVBViewer Pro 4.8 only from https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members/


We introduced a new protection system with Version 4.5, if you haven't already got the new user credentials please read also: http://www.DVBViewer...ew-credentials/

Mit der Version 4.5 wurde ein neues Benutzerdatensystem eingeführt, wer die neuen Daten noch nicht hat bitte unbedingt hier lesen: http://www.DVBViewer...-benutzerdaten/




The changelog:





We finally added MHEG-5 support to the DVBViewer.


  • What is it?
    MHEG-5 is a TV middleware and modern replacement of the old teletext. It is used in the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland and Germany (via Technisat Multytext on Astra 19.2°E).
  • A video presentation can be found here:

  • How to get it?
    The MHEG-5 plugin is a third party add-on and has to be ordered separate. To do so, open the key tool and press order, next to the MHEG-5 entry.
    Attention: Keep in mind that the license is bound to the email which was been used to buy the DVBViewer!
    After the transaction has been completed, the downloadable content will be unlocked for your DVBViewer member account in the DVBViewer members area (https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members/).
    Once the installation process is done, the personal plugin key you got via email has to be entered inside the keytool. You have to make sure that the code corresponds with the one you got provided by us. A triple-digit CRC Checksum indicates if the entered key is correct.




  • Change: Teletext Subtitles: The language of TTx subtitles is now detected by examining the PMT. This should result in a more accurate detection than before. Thanks @Griga.
  • Add: Subtitles : Added support for Arib8 (Japanese) subtitles.
  • Change. Favorites: Changed to the 64bit Favorites ID as used in Grigas GE and the Recording Service. The old IDs will still work.
  • Change: Options channels (Sky Germany): Changed the way how the options channels are detected. Now the list of the channels can be opened if you have tuned a active option channel. No need to tune the portal channels first.
  • Change: Options channels (Sky Germany): If a options channel is not found in the DVBViewer channel list, it will not be shown in the options channel list anymore, instead a entry about the missing channel is written to the log files.
  • Fix: EPG HTML Export: The event wasn't exported.
  • Fix: Problems with W2k : The DVBViewer work again with W2k.
  • Fix: Wizard : The check for the D3D support dll is now executed in the wizard.
  • Fix: Installer : The sample jumplist.ini wasn't installed.
  • Add: Timeshift : H.264 Filler data removal added, can be activated in the timeshift options. Careful, this can make the jumping in timeshift less accurate.
  • Fix: GUI Skins : The translation didn't work correctly, if started in GUI Skin mode.
  • Change: Teletext Options : Now only valid fonts can be selected in the TTx options.
  • Change: Teletext Options : Added support for Arabic, Serbian (Cyrillic) and Ukrainian charsets.
  • Change: Teletext : Added support for the Nation Option Bits to detect the charset of a page. Sometime the bits are not unique then you have to adjust the settings in the Teletext options manually.
  • Removed: Teletext : Removed the Language popup menu.
  • Change: Subtitle Options : Now only scalable fonts can be selected.
  • Change: Mosaic Options : Now only scalable fonts can be selected.
  • Add: Languages : The DVBViewer now tries to detect and use the windows user language on first start.
  • Fix: DVBSpeak.vbs should work again.
  • Updated to current sqlite3 version.
  • Several corrections and optimizations.
  • Language files updated.




  • Add: BDA Devices: Support for Turbosight CI . You need to install the TBS support dll with the downloader at the end of the installation.
  • Add: BDA Devices: Support for Anysee E7 series with CI.
  • Add: BDA Devices: Griga added DiSEqC support for Omicom devices.
  • Add: BDA Devices: Added detection of the Digital Devices Cine S2 V6 .
  • Add: Hardware detection : Support for variations of Digital Devices Octopus, Terratec Cinergy 1200-S and Terratec Cinergy S added.
  • Add: BDA Devices : Added support for RealTek DVB-T/C Hybrid USB devices.
  • Improved: DVB-IPTV Device : Optimized and improved by Griga. It should now handle extended RTP Headers correctly.
  • Fix: BDA Devices : For TT devices the Unicable settings were not shown in the hardware options.
  • Add: BDA Devices : Added detection of the Technisat Skystar eXpress HD.
  • Change: BDA Devices: Several Hauppauge devices were wrongly detected as hybrid devices.
  • Add: BDA Devices: Added support for Qbox 3 devices.




  • Fix: Channel List Editor : The automatic scrolling on moving an entry didn't work anymore.
  • Change: Favorites Menu Main window: Favorites entries which can not be associated with a channel are shown deactivated.
  • Change: Recorder Window : Clicking on a timer selects the associated channel in the channel list on the left.
  • Change: About window : Completely reworked.
  • Fix: Recording window didn't close on pressing ESC.
  • Change: EPG window : The EPG search now defaults to „from now“.
  • Fix: EQ Window : Rearranged the text a little bit, so it is not cut off anymore.
  • Change: Channel List Editor : If the channel list editor is opened from the channel list window, the currently focused channel is selected in the channel list editor.
  • Add: Recording statistic window . Added the removed Filler data amount display (only if active).
  • Fix: Recording Stats window : Fixed some translation problems.
  • Change: Channel list editor: If a channel is moved in the channel list, the detail view is now updated correctly with the new root/category.
  • Change: Channel list editor : Changed the label “Service PID” to “Service ID” (English/German language file).




  • Add: Recordings : Optional removal of H.264 filler data while recording. (see recording options).
  • Thanks to forums user Martin K for contributing the concept and code and to Griga for adapting it to the DVBViewer!
  • Some (not all) HD channels, particularly Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, arte HD and ORF HD, are inserting filler data in the H.264 video stream in order to keep a constant bitrate. The percentage of filler data depends on the broadcasted content. E.g. in low motion scenes 50% or more of the H.264 stream may consist of filler data, and in case of movie opening or closing titles even more than 90%. So removing the H.264 filler data may decrease the size of TS recordings with H.264 content considerably, in some cases to 50% and less.
  • Fix: Channel auto update : Sometimes the channel auto update for recordings didn't work correctly.
  • Change: The default name scheme for recording is now: %date_%time_%station_%name




  • Fix: D+ EPG (Spanish MHW EPG) works again.
  • Add: EPG: Support for the Japanese Arib8 EPG format.
  • Fix: EPG Options : Reworked the language selection in the EPG options.
  • Change: The ISO language is now shown in the EPG language options .
  • Add: Tweaks : Added “DVBEPGAsAnsi” Tweak (see Tweaks.txt). Determinates if the DVB EPG Parser ignores the language settings in the EIT and converts the text from the local charset to UTF-8. May help if you get strange chars in the EPG.
  • You have to set the locales setting of the system account the recording service is running in to the same locales your user account is using.
  • OSD
  • Change: OSD Timer window : The askdeletetimer setting now also works for the OSD timer window.
  • Change: OSD channel list window : OSD Left/Right on a channel group now jumps one group forward/backward.
  • Change: OSD Default skin : Some fixes and small changes.




  • Add: DVB/Bluray/HDDisk images : can be played by Drag'n'Drop into the main window or “open media file” (still needs Daemon Tools or Virtual CloneDrive).
  • Fix: Tag reader/Flac files: The Vorbis Comments tags were not read correctly for flac files.
  • Recording service related
  • Change: EPG loaded from the Service : Is now handled again as external EPG.
  • Change: Sending WOL to the Recording Service PC on program start up: Now the messages pump is kept working while waiting for the WOL. No more “... doesn't respond” messages.
  • DVBServer
  • Updated to the current hardware handling, please see above for changes.

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I've uploaded Hotfix




- Fix: Favourites: fixes problems with favourites.


- Fix: Timer: fixes all timers are shown red in the recording window if recorded locally.

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