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This list is in progress. Please post only links and use for discussion other threads. Some time later we will have a good base for Converson & Encoding. From time to time i will include postet links in this first post.




- DVDPatcher

- PVAStrumento

- ProjectX (uncompiled Source)

- MPG2Schnitt

- Cuttermaran

- AviSynth & Filter link1 & Filter link2

- ImagoMPG-Muxer

- ReJig

- ReStream

- ifoedit



manuals by manufactor

- DVBViewer (english)

- DVBViewer (german)

- MPG2Schnitt by Martin(german)

- MPG2Schnitt by lucike (german)

- Vidomi


manual by privat pages

- TMPGEnc (german)

- from DVB-stream to DVD (german)





- DivX


- VirtualDub

- VirtualDubMod

- Vidomi


audio conversion tools

- dBpowerAMP

- CDex


other tools

- Elecard Demultiplexer link1 link2 link3



collection sites

- Doom9.org

- Rarewares


last summarization: 19.9.2004

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Tutorial. DVB zu DVD mit ProjektX, MPEG2Schnitt + Muxer:

Tutorial von Stepz


edit by Klausing:Hab mir erlaubt das wiederholen der oberen Links zu entfernen. Schafft so mehr Platz. ;)


ich habe das Tutorial unter www.steps-info.de/dvb/dvb nun erweitert.

Nun gibt es auch eine Anleitung zur weiteren Bearbeitung von ac3-5.1 Aufnahmen zur DVD (Musikvideo-DVD).

Viel Spaß damit.

Grüße, Stepz

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For MPEG2 - audio cutting mp3directCut ;) .

- Several prelisten functions

- MP3 visualisation and VU meter

- Easy navigation

- Fading, volume setting, normalizing

- Pause detection

- Direct recording of MP3 (ACM and Lame encoder supported)

- Layer 2 support

- ID3v1.1 support

- Cue Sheet support



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