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DVBViewer features

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i try to avoid to show too much enthusiasm while writing these line, but sometimes this might be trickey if you

stand behind your product.

In the past we received multiple emails with feature requests and if the software is compatible with the used device

resp. broadcaster.

First of all, the DVBViewer was intended to offer DVB video/radio broadcast reception and recording.

This was in 2002, but 9 years later (with almost daily development) it is far more. Even if we never lost the main

focus (recording, watching tv), we also continue adding new features and support for new devices.

I know the name DVBViewer probably does not suggest the fact that all other kind of digital tv standards are supported,

but i can assure that it does. If there are problems with some transmissions, we are open minded to fix these issues.

To manifest this, just a small features which are not listed on the website directly but supported by the DVBViewer:


  • unlimited (okay 2^32 devices) can be used parallel for recording and playback
  • support for HD/SD transmissions (MPEG-2, H.264, AC3, AAC, AAC+)
  • support of DVB-T,DVB-T2,DVB-C,DVB-S,DVB-S2 (Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, Africa, Australia, New-Zealand)
  • support of ISDB transmissions (Japan, South America)
  • support of ATSC Terrestrial and Cable (North America)
  • support for Subtitles: Closed Captions (CEA-708), DVB Subtitles (ETSI 300 743), ISDB Subtitles (Arib8)
  • support for Teletext (ETSI EN 300 706), MHEG-5 (ES 202 184)
  • support for Timeshift (partially placeshift, which will be improved in the near future)
  • skinable HTPC solution to manage, playback of Audio, Video, Pictures.
  • Direct3D output with ability to improve the image quality by using Pixelshaders
  • integrated Audio equalizer visualizations (Sonique-Plugins)
  • ability to play Video On Demand files (MP4, DivX, Shoutcast etc). Upcoming version will offer Podcast and Youtube
  • integrated (with ability to reencode) Media Hub (UPNP/DLNA, OSX)
  • Smart Client/Server solutions for home networks, with recording (Recordingservice, DVBViewer)
  • Webinterface (Recordingservice)


This list is far from complete, a list of unsupported things is probably shorter.


To prove the fact that the DVBViewer supports the north american transmission standard ATSC, i uploaded a small video in the hope to cast out

the wide spread misbelieve about the missing ability to handle signals which are not transmitted via DVB.


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