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Excel based channel list editor based on KingOfSat

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I’ve written a spreadsheet that gathers all information from kingofsat and converts it into a usable DVBViewer channel list. There are only two macros: one to get the data and one to output it. To run them first enable the blocked content, then run them by pressing Alt-F8.


There are several advantages to using this method:

• Rely on the very well maintained KingOfSat data source instead of the hit and miss channel scans

• Rely on the categories and Pay TV tags from KingOf Sat

• Ignore categories or languages I don’t need (e.g. Pay Per View)

• Ignore Pay TV I can’t receive

• Use the power of Excel to arrange channels

• Combine multiple satellites into one group if required


To use you need some familiarity with Excel (preferably 2007 or 2010):


On the settings page enter the URLS and a few other settings specific to your setup (DiSEqC, LNB etc) as well as a few preferences (eg AC3) and where to output the final ini file to. Use a channel scan and the resulting ini file to guide you through the settings here. Standard destination is your temp directory, which you can get to by typing %TEMP% into the Windows Explorer address bar.


On the categories page please edit the categories into fewer categories and languages that make sense for you. There is an “x” category of all the things you don’t want (unless you set it to output on the preferences sheet). Next rank these categories in order. Column 12 allows you to separate the categories and languages. Finally column 15 allows you to specify which pay TV packages you can receive. To output all type all into the CI box on the preferences page.


Running the macro can take a few minutes so please be patient.


On the channel editor the key column is column 62 where you put down a rank in the category. If you insert a channel later you can use decimals to squeeze them in, in the end only the ranking matters. By creating a unique ID at the front any work on the ordering should remain intact even after an update (though I cannot guarantee this). Also note the override fields to the right, which allow overrides to the various parameters, e.g. category, language or name.


I got this to work for my needs but I don’t intend to maintain it on an ongoing basis or document it much further. Nevertheless I thought it would be useful to share and for others to use or expand on.




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Hello ajb,


great work. But can u make it more userfriendly? I had some problems to find the right functions to generate a list only für Astra 19.2. Does the Excel works with the german website of kingsofsat too?



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