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Hauppauge HD PVR


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i received multiple requests in the past to implement support for Hauppauge HD PVR device. The next release can
handle these kind of adapters, but since it is not a real DVB/ATSC apparatus you have to keep some things in mind.
For everyone who does not know what the device is: It is a analog in digital convertor, which receives a analog
input from a regular set top box and converts it into a H264 - AC-3/AAC Transportstream. This has to become
useful by all of those who are unable to receive their television with a regular dtv adaper.

How does it work inside the DVBViewer?

If you have such a device, all you have to do is to select a Tunertype. I recommend to select the default value.
The Hauppauge class inside the DVBViewer uses by default the internal IR Blaster to transmit the channel command
to the connected STB. If you have an alternative device which is used to send the IR signal you have to use a
blaster plugin. The attached zip contains a sample code which explains how to create such a thing.

If you want to configure the wrapped channel list or to change the blaster control, you have to use the Hauppauge
editor tool. Which will be available in the members section.

Editor Tool


On the top left of the window you will see the capture devices connected to your system. Alongside this you will
find a list box which contains the "emulated" device type. You should keep it untouched, unless you know what you
The mapping list contains all frequencies for a satellite and or the region you live.
To integrate a TV station, add a new entry to the list and assign the STB Number with a frequency. Every time the
DVBViewer tries to tune a frequency the assigned channel will be tuned via the IR Blaster interface.

Blaster Configuration

Here you can either use the internal HDPVR Blaster adapter, or select a custom blaster. The Interface for such
a blaster is attached on this post.

Capture Module

The Hauppauge PVR has multiple input pins for audio and video data. Under this tabsheet you can configure and select
the audio and video source.


The handling of capture cards has changed:



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