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NewDefWide - HD mod

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>>>> DE


Das hier ist eine Modifikation des "NewDefWide" Skin aus diesem Threath http://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/15819-new-widescreen-skin/

Mir gefällt dieser Skin eigentlich sehr gut, aber die vielen kleinen bugs haben mich jetzt dazu veranlasst eine kleine mod dieses Skins zu machen.

Eigentlich wollte ich nur mal die MyMiniEPG individualisieren, habe dann aber doch noch ein paar Sachen mehr gemacht.


- Donwload ist weiter unten.

- Installation: einfach ins OSDSkins Verzeichnis entpacken.








Und jetzt noch ein bisschen schlechtes englisch fürs internationale Publikum... =)



>>>> EN


This is a design modification and rescale to match the 1080p HD resolution, and it also got a couple bugfixes of the original "NewDefWide" Skin from this threat: http://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/15819-new-widescreen-skin/

Thanks for this skin @ the makers. Though, its not perfect so I made some small modifications on this Mod.


At first i only want to modify the myMiniEPG page to my own taste, but then i did some more things... and finally ended up rescaling the hole Skin!

I run the "NewDefWide" Skin on 16:9 1080p and it looks great, but some small AR errors are still there, e.g. logo signs and some texts are cut on the wrong positions (time, show name etc.).

The advantage of the rescale are the much sharper fonts and graphics.



Here is what i changed:

- myMiniEPG - personalized

-> channellogo - position and background changed

-> modified the hole page to my own flavour

- (the original myMiniEPG is also available in this mod)

- on several pages:

-> corrected AspectRatio of the preview and resized it a little bit

-> channellogo corrected

-> corrected the lenght of texts (time, date display, channelname etc.)

-> window positions (rec, time etc.)

- up scaling of all graphics to match 16:9 1080p resolution.

- repaired the Weather Page. e.g. now it is possible to see the weather.com data (didn't work in "NewDefWide")

- redesigned the RSS page

... still doing some fine tuning.




Install: just copy the archive to the OSDSkins directory. This skin will be named "NewDefWide-HD" in DVBViewer. You have to restart DVBViewer to make it to rescan the OSDSkins directory!

The archive does not contain the scripts from the original archive from 2006-12-14. The original Skin was made by Christian and Rago, I just did some graphical changes and the up scaling.


- If you don't like the white logo background, you can remove it by just rename or deleting the file "button_white.png" and reload the skin afterwards.

- If you like the original myMiniEPG style you can change to it by renaming "myMiniEPG-O.xml" to "myMiniEPG.xml". This will replace the my flavoured MiniEGP to the original of Chris & Rago, but keep the HD textures in tact.


Known Bugs:

- The timeline pointer and time does not match to the timeline (i guess due to a bug within DVBViewer? other Skins have the same issue.)



update: 4.11.11

- added Timehshift infos at the myMiniEPG Page (only appers if timeshift is active)

- some minor fixes




update 7.11.11

- renewed all side titles (and replaced the just rescaled old ones)

- some minor fixes


update 8.11.11

- added pages:

-> Online

-> MyMovies






update :

- added audio type gfx on myMiniEGP page

- redone some lables in HD quality

- added MyPrograms page


update: 14.03.2012

- added version with transparent background. Instead of a small preview window, the video is now shown in fullscreen as background feed on some pages.





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Sehr gut OSD :bye:

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