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New German HD channels

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After analog switch-off on Astra 19° East three new digital transponders (DVB-S2) and several new & free German HD channels have been launched.


The attached ZIP contains:


An up-to-date transponder list Astra 19E.ini. It must be stored in the Transponders subdirectory of the DVBViewer configuration folder (see Help -> Configuration Folder in DVBViewer Pro resp. Info -> Configuration Folder in DVBViewer GE) and can be used to find the new channels by scanning. Important: After storing the new transponder list re-launch DVBViewer or TransEdit!


- ARD_ZDF HD.ini for importing the old and new HD channels in the channellist. Open the Channel Editor in DVBViewer Pro resp. the Channellist in DVBViewer GE and simply drag & drop the file into it. Important: Delete old ARD/ZDF HD entries (Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, arte HD) in order to avoid ambiguities and confusion. After that you may move or sort the channels after your fancy and create according favourite entries.


DiSEqC is set to PosA/OptA in the imported channels. Adjust it to your needs, if necessary.


Information about the transponder occupancy and the parameters is available here:




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