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DAB(+) Radio


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as we mentioned in one of those DVBViewer future threads, we made a DAB Radio Player/Recorder for Realtek 283x Chipsets. It is a prototype and probably don't play the DAB+ streams properly, but it is working and you can record the streams either as .mp2 (for DAB) or .aac (for DAB+, which is AAC LATM). Since AAC in DAB+ is not completely like AAC i expect some weird playback, anyway you can record the streams and listen to the radio in the most cases.




The usage is simple: If your adapter is capable the "Scan" button is enabled. Simply select the region you are live in (e.g. Europe) and wait a few minutes until the progressbar is complete. You should see all found radio stations in the list. A double click on a station will start the playback and pressing record will start recording the stream. You will find the audio files in your music folder.





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