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Still Waiting for email


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You got your money back, after you complained your payment. And by the way the email you used was msn not hotmail!


Why in the heck do you think you will receive credentials afterwards?



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Sorry my mistake it is msn. I waited 24 hours and you didn't send anything. I tried to contact with you via email-facebook and you didn't reply. I want to order this program. If I pay again now willu send it?

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Also keep in mind credentials are usually sent automatically. So you can be quite sure that you receive emails 24/7 and if not, they are in the spam folder.


If not there is always a way via eMail, Phone or something else written on the website, but facebook? Hu?



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I ordered again. Looking forward to your email :)



I called the phone which is written on the website but the woman who picked up last night didn't understand English.

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I hope not with the same email, because this one is blocked by the service.


I will check this later this day.


</p><p>Christian</p><p>PS: The email has been sent on your msn account. Please check.</p>

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Not with the same email. Sorry for the claim, as a software engineer I can understand how it feels but understand my frustration. Anyway looking forward to your email

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Question: What exactly is wrong with you? You obviously received the credentials and this time you also downloaded the software multiple times, why do you try to screw us again?

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[sarkasm off]Probably because you are like the rest here a kufr which can be betrayed. [/sarkasm on]

@Christian: I suppose you tried the google.com auto suggestion while typing "dvbv" into the search field.



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