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General Plugin Update

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Since Christian is planning to upload a public beta version of the DVBViewer Pro, several plug-ins/add-ons have to be updated, in order to make them work with the new DVBViewer Filter 2.0. That are


- Videorecorder Plugin -> V 2.9


- TSPlayer -> V 1.3


- Audiorecorder Plugin -> V 2.9


- Preview Plugin -> V 1.3


- GraphSelector Plugin -> 1.6


I hope I can make them all available until Saturday evening.


Please note: The new versions of the TSPlayer and the Preview Plugin require the DVBViewer Filter 2.0. I'll additionally provide it in the Service Center for download, so that you can use the new versions already now, without having to wait for the DVBViewer Pro Beta. Please put the file PushSource.ax in the DVBViewer\Filters folder.


I'll probably upload new versions of the DVBViewer Filter 2.0 to the Service Center in future - maybe we still have to fix some issues (though it's already working quite well here).

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