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making use of DVBV 5 features

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I am working on a new skin that combines elements of connicity 3D, bl4ck_HD_MiniEPG, blufuzz


I need some help with a few things....



Music Playback

- is there a way to have the OSD appear automatically, in order to show myscrobbler data if available?

- is there some XML logic that will show album art if no myscrobbler art is available?


Timeline EPG

- I have fixed a bug where programme info is displayed twice

- i want to be able to do a few things - not sure what is possible (elsewhere maybe)

- highlight a programme in the timeline and be able to press record button once to record a single show, press twice to record series-link (as w7 mce)

- highlight a programme in the timeline and be able to press green button to set a reminder (that will switch channels when the programme starts)

- be able to perform some similar functions to recording service webpage (so maybe take some code from webpages and integrate into timeline script)

- search timeline for a programme (with a pop-up keyboard and search entry box)

- skip foward/back by a day

- switch between daytime, evening, night

- programme info pop-up page - pull-in an image from something similar to myscrobbler

- enable further info button to show programme/series info

- enable another button to show cast/crew info

- have a facility to post "Im watching..... " to social media

- very nice if possible - go backwards in time on the epg timeline 7 days to see available shows that have been recorded or that are available on catchup services like BBC iplayer and dynamically link to them, etc

(there are now settop boxes that can do this)


OSD Icons

- can i use gifs for images? This way I can animate some icons like mute, pause, record that may otherwise remain static on the screen and may cause burn-in


Recorded TV

- Can I re-use Music page scripts so I can see folders and not just a big list of files?

- Does the DVBV 5 now include additional xml tags for accessing thumbnails and what is the code for this - i searched around the forum, but cant exactly find this?

- is there an xml tag available to show the channel of the recording?

- is there some XML logic that will show thumbnail if no myscrobbler (or similar) art is available?



- I can access and mount iso files of blu-rays. But the regular transport controls dont seem to work too well. I have to use the cursor to access the pop-up progress bar across the bottom of the screen to jump around.

i am using virtual clonedrive. is this the problem? is there something better?



Thanks guys



Is there someplace - sub-forum maybe? - where people can create little teams to work together to develop projects like this?

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