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DVBViewer Pro 5.1


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.1 today.

ATTENTION: You can download the DVBViewer Pro 5.1 only from https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members/

We introduced a new protection system with Version 4.5, if you haven't already got the new user credentials please read also: http://www.DVBViewer...ew-credentials/
Mit der Version 4.5 wurde ein neues Benutzerdatensystem eingeführt, wer die neuen Daten noch nicht hat bitte unbedingt hier lesen: http://www.DVBViewer...-benutzerdaten/

Changelog DVBViewer Pro 5.1



  • Fix: Playback: Playback of m2ts files with the DVBSource Filter didn't work.

  • Fix: Main Window: Zoom 75% fixed.

  • Fix: OSD: The screen saver was not disabled for slide shows.

  • Fix: Timeshift: Fixed problems with timeshift for some channels.

  • Fix: OSD: Image files with an UNC path were not shown.

  • Fix: Tweaker.ini: The OSD Enable Tweak was missing.

  • Change: Main Menu: Removed the Help entry.

  • Change: Main Menu: Renamed the "Wiki" entry to “Online Help”.

  • Change: Main Window: Auto Best Width defaults to enabled now.

  • Fix: Recoding Window: The timer status changes were not shown correctly.

  • Change: RTSP Device: was not included in the SSDP search for SAT>IP servers.

  • Fix: Options Window: Fixed problems with missing labels on reopening this window.

  • Change: Options/Input: Changed the behavior of the “Learn” button.

  • Add: Recording Options: Added an option to record the Current Now/Next EIT EPG data stream.

  • Fix: Unicast Device Setup Window: The buffer count could not be adjusted.

  • Add: ActionIDs: Added ActionID 135 for Close Graph.

  • Fix: VCR: If a changed PMT PID was detected while recording the recording was restarted in an endless loop.

  • Fix: VCR: TS audio only recordings with more than one audio stream sometimes an audio stream was wrongly detected as PCR stream.

  • Fix: PMT-Parser: If the Service ID was set to 0 it was wrongly detected as PID 16.

  • Fix: PMT-Parser: The PMT parser used a wrong PID for non ATSC audio streams with the ID $81.

  • Update: DVBSource filter 3.7.

Channel Logos

  • It is now possible to assign a logo to a channel with the help of the "channellogos.ini" file. The DVBViewer first checks if an entry for a channel is found in this file. If it isn't found it tries the old method (guessing).

  • The format of the channellogos.ini file is quite simple:


    c=[Channelname} (UTF-8 encoded)


    The “c=” entry exists for an improved readability the program just ignores it.

    If a logo can't be found or doesn't exist it is marked with


    This avoids repeating and failing the search over and over again.

Recording Service

  • Fix: Service Options: The test button showed the XML answer of the request.

  • Fix: Service Options: “Ignore local recording list” is now ignored if the RS support is deactivated.

  • Change: Service Support: The MAC of the Recording Service PC (needed for WOL) is now updated on every DVBViewer start.

  • Fix: Service Setup Wizard: Fixed problem with empty password.

  • Fix: Service Options: Fixed problem with empty password.

  • Fix: Fixed unnecessary memory consumption for downloading data from the RS.


  • Change: BDA Hardware Detection: The DVB-S2 flag is now set for unknown DVB-S Devices.

  • Fix: Hardware Options: The display wasn't updated correctly if no hardware entries were present.

  • Add: HardwareDB: Support for Technotrend TT-budget CT2-4500 CI and Technotrend TT-connect CT2-4650 CI.

  • Fix: Hardware/Sundtek/HDHomerun: Added a signal strength query directly after tuning.

  • Add: HardwareDB: Support for DVBSky S680, DVBSky S960 and DigitalDevices Cine S2 V6.5.


  • Add: MPEG/Subtitles: Support for subtitles in MPEG files added.

  • Fix: The “show subtitles automatically” option didn't work under certain circumstances.

  • Fix: DVB Subtitle: Switching between different languages didn't work.

  • Change: OSD Subtitle: The OSD subtitle display is now cleared on channel / subtitle stream changes.

  • Change: Options/TTX Subtitle: Changed the default font size to 24 point.


  • Change: EPG Parser: The EPG Parser doesn't delete CRLF in the description text anymore.

  • Change: EPG Processing: The language tag of the EIT EPG is now ignored if only one language is present.

  • Fix: EPG-Export to HTML: Fixed problems with non ANSI channel names.

  • Change: EPG Window: Unnecessary updates of the details display removed.

  • Add: EPG: Tweak to force EPG without character set information to be recognized as ISO6937 encoded.

  • Fix: EPG-Parser: Fixed missing last character for UTF-8 encoded EPG.

Internal Task Scheduler

  • Fix: The tasks were not created in the correct order.

  • Fix: Fixed different defaults for the LeadTime setting.

  • Fix: The “-i” command line parameter was not detected correctly.

  • Fix: Running recordings are now deleted from the task list.

  • Fix: Synchronizing the task list on DVBViewer start.

  • Fix: Empty parameter didn't work.

  • Fix: Timer with the same start time result now in only one entry in the task list.

Streaming Playback

  • Add: Ability to use the LAV Source Filter. By adding a "lav_" before an URL the Lav Splitter will be used instead of the own Vod Filter.

VOD Source Filter

  • Fix: Streaming Thread reading problem. Several Splitters tried to read "behind" a file which caused an endless loop inside the reading thread

  • Fix: Exception inside GetMediaType, if no PAMMediaType is provided

  • Fix: UserAgent changed to allow playback of HbbTV content


  • Fix: the Bilinear Hardware Filter is disabled if you use a resample filter. To do so you have to set the ManualResample variable inside the shader script

  • Add: Lanczos 3 and 12, Bicubic, resample shader

  • Add: Several new Shader effects, like Old TV.

  • Add: Stereo 3D Left/Right to Up/Down converter, which is required for several 3D glasses like Zeiss Cinemizer OLED.

  • Change: Shaders have been renamed and sorted into Stereo, Effect and Resample categories.

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