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DVBViewer 5.2.0


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.2 today.

ATTENTION: You can download the DVBViewer Pro 5.2 only from https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members/

We introduced a new protection system with Version 4.5, if you haven't already got the new user credentials please read also: http://www.DVBViewer...ew-credentials/
Mit der Version 4.5 wurde ein neues Benutzerdatensystem eingeführt, wer die neuen Daten noch nicht hat bitte unbedingt hier lesen: http://www.DVBViewer...-benutzerdaten/

DVBViewer Pro 5.2
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre



  • Fix: Weather: Errors inside the XML-Weather information are ignored.
  • Add: HbbTV: HbbTV Engine for CE-Html and HbbTV related content.
  • Add: HbbTV: Parser for AIT transmissions provided by the broadcasters.
  • Add: HbbTV: Passive mode available via Tweak.ini.
  • Add: HbbTV: Ability to inject javascript for certain channels.
  • Add: HbbTV: Ability to add own User-Agents for certain websites
  • Add: HbbTV: Ability to switch between transparent and colorkey mode.
  • Fix: Channel AutoUpdate: Wrong PMT tables where left uncorrected.
  • Change: Client Tuning Priority Default: Default value is set to 50
  • Add: Teletext: Persian (ira) Teletext language is set to arabic by default
  • Change: Channel Scanner: False frequencies entered by the user are automatically fixed if no transponder list is used.
  • Add: UPnP: You can now open a Upnp Browser under the DVBViewer menu.


  • Fix: RTSP Device: more detailed Keep-Alive timing
  • Fix: RTSP Device: optimized command sequences
  • Fix: RTSP Device: closing the device caused sometimes exceptions in UDP mode
  • Fix: RTSP Device: Sat>IP Server from Digital Devices should now work fine
  • Fix: Hardware Framework: PIDs for NULL-Packets can be added.
  • Change: RTSP Device: The device detects if the RTSP Server is a Recording Service. If so you can additionally use the TCP Option.
  • Change: BDA Devices: DVB-S BDA devices with unknown vendor are now marked as DVB-S2 compatible by default.


  • Fix: EPG: simplified management of EPG information

More informations about the DVBViewer HbbTV Plugin

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