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This thread is not intended to explain what HbbTV is. If you want to know more about HbbTV in general please read this link.


Since HbbTV is quite "special" with its behaviour we introduced a configuration file which should solve issues with certain CE-HTML and HbbTV content providers.


The HbbTV.ini is located in your DVBViewer configuration folder and consists of 6 sections.

The following explanation is an attempt to explain what these sections are intended to:




The Blacklist Section contains all websites which need a color key. Technically a Website can consists of several html layer and the Video-Object can be placed inbetween these layers. To display HbbTV content properly we would need to copy the video out from the graphic card memory into the Video or Broadcast Plugin (part of the HbbTV engine) and render it there. This would cost a lot of speed and this is why we decided not to do render it properly. Normally the video object is invisible and transparent, but on several websites you have to set a colorkey which would be replaced by the video afterwards. If not you wont see the video, but the html text behind the video which is normally not visible. The negative aspect of the colorkey mode is that the transparency gets lost.




If the browser loads a page listed here the colorkey is autmatically disabled and turns to transparent.




Here you can add your favourite Websites which will be listed if you select the HbbTV menu item inside the OSD menu. The entries are separated by |:


Item|URI|Is HbbTV|Stop Graph


Item - is the name listed in the Browserpopup-Menu

URI - is the URL which provides the content

Is HbbTV - either 1 or 0 defines if the URI is a HbbTV or CE-HTML content or if it is a regular website

Stop Graph - either 1 or 0 defines if the video or audio playback in the DVBViewer should turned off. This is required if you open a HTML5 Website which contain own Video and Audio output




Several providers require some fixes in their code to do so you can create own scripts which are executed after a website has been loaded. The javascripts are located in the Javascript-subfolder of your configuration path.




Some pages require different user agents than sent by the DVBViewer. This might have multiple reasons, but under this section you can add your own agent. For example if you want to avoid that a mobile page is load instead of the normal one, you can assign an own user agent here.




​Some websites simply do not want to work fine and to avoid problems you can assign redirects which bypass a given link.

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in version 5.2.8 you use hbbtv.xml .... i add some slovenian links in this file but everytime when i want see this pages in OSD-HBBTV i got your default links.... when I look hbbtv.xml I can see only default links ...why this happen? How can I add my links?

I have no problem in version 5.2.7 :-(

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I´ve just installed HbbTV this week and no problem with DVB-T channels in my region Catalonia (Spain) only some bugs of keyboard or remote.

I would like to know why when I select HbbTV in OSD menú nothing occurs. I read the xml file and all URL´s correspond others countries

May be I must to select another OSD....


<item Title="Putpat TV" URL="http://www.putpat.tv/cehtml/v2/index.cehtml?channel_id=2"/>
<item Title="Cinedom" URL="http://smarttv.nexxcdn.com/310/"/>
<item Title="BBC iPlayer" URL="http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/bigscreen/"/>
<item Title="Bild" URL="http://json.bild.de/tv/cehtml.cehtml"/>
<item Title="Die Presse" URL="http://diepresse.com/nettv/#Start"/>
<item Title="HTTV Portal" URL="http://www.httv-hosting.fr/hbbtv/portal/"/>
<item Title="iConcerts" URL="http://www3.iconcerts.com/?q=en/netTV"/>
<item Title="Jena TV" URL="http://tv.mytvscout.de/jenatv/"/>
<item Title="Potsdam TV" URL="http://tv.mytvscout.de/potsdamtv/"/>
<item Title="Napster" URL="http://projects.tune-in-media.com/napster/net-tv/live/"/>
<item Title="TED Talks" URL="http://ted.24imedia.tv/nettv/"/>
<item Title="Youtube" URL="http://www.youtube.com/leanback" IsHbbTV="1" StopVideo="1"/>
<item Title="MySpass" URL="http://philips.hybridtv.myspass.de/philips" IsHbbTV="1" StopVideo="1"/>
<item Title="Debug Console" URL="debug"/>


Sorry for my ignorance

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Don't occurs nothing if I'm tunning in a channel with HBBTV

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