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TransEdit uses a very personal interpretation concerning the count of discontinuities ;)


A ts_packet_stream that contains only the adaptation field and no payload carries an adaptation_field_control_value of '10'.

According to ISO 13818-1:



continuity_counter – The continuity_counter is a 4-bit field incrementing with each Transport Stream packet with the
same PID. The continuity_counter wraps around to 0 after its maximum value. The continuity_counter shall not be
incremented when the adaptation_field_control of the packet equals '00' or '10'.


Though that doesn't mean that the stream is discontinuous if the counter is incremented, because:



The continuity_counter in a particular Transport Stream packet is continuous when it differs by a positive value of one
from the continuity_counter value in the previous Transport Stream packet of the same PID
, or when either of the nonincrementing
conditions (adaptation_field_control set to '00' or '10', or duplicate packets as described above) are met.
The continuity counter may be discontinuous when the discontinuity_indicator is set to '1' (refer to In the case of
a null packet the value of the continuity_counter is undefined.
data_byte – Data bytes shall be contiguous bytes of data from the PES packets (refer to, PSI sections (refer


Furthermore transedit counts missing packets and not discontinuities. But how many packets are missing, if only the 1st condition is applied?


I'd suggest that transedit steps in line with other analysers that don't show discontinuities if the counter is correctly incremented (e.g. see attachement)

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