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Windows 8 or 7?

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Got myself a new PC, and of course it is born with win8.

I do have a win 7license that I don't use.

What is the best OS to use with recordservice and DVBViewer:

I mean before I move the TV card, and all that and begin to set up the new PC and so on.. I prefer to install win 7 if that is the best solution. I do have a Win7 that I don't use.

Personally I seriously dono if I like win 8 at all, but I have only tried win8 for about 20 min so far.. and with all app's deleted, and that weird squared screen blown to hell it begin to look like a normal OS..if it is long term I am not so sure..


Sometimes I wish DVBV and RecS. worked under Linux, then I would leave Windowes forever..


Back to the subject, are there anything to be aware of in connection with Win8?.. in other words does it mean no TV for decades:) fucked up recordings, messed up picture quality? or missing sound and so on? ?






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I'll answer this myself :)


The new PC is now installed and dvb.v and rec.service is working. Xepg working. Transedit works.

Win 8 is fast, so far no bugs, hangs or what ever to complaint about. It is faster than Win 7, I think, but could be the new faster PC that makes things run faster,, I'm not sure..

Win 8 install comments: incredible how many times win 8 have to install updates..

even 3-4 days after when you turn off PC more updates are installed or found all of a sudden, no matter you can not see any in Win update.

But no problems during the set up at all what so ever.

I installed this:http://www.classicshell.net/ just for information, makes it work better, but that is my personal opinion. At start up it goes directly to the desktop, ( no squares here..), and a start buttom is added, that almost works like in win 7.

In other words: if anyone are concerned about changing to win 8 and how dvbv. will will work and so on, don't be, it works really fast !


Only thing I forgot is that channels are not shown from the Fav. list in Record service, so I have to move all channels around one more time so the channel lists are the same as the fav. but that's the only "bug" I made all by myself, :) and I have stil not edited channel logo's and other small things like remote controll set up.


Ohh yes. one thing: if you want to use MCE remote and disable windows media center ( the green button), that is not possible if you use win 8 home edition, gpedit.msc can NOT be run or are used in that win8 version.

I'll get back on that issue when the remote is installed sometimes in the future.. so far I have found a still not tried solution read this: ( and sub-pages..)



and a comment: I run win 8, not 8.1 for one reason, if you seach how it works on the net, it looks like there are really many problems, with "black screens" computers that don't work anymore at all, or becomes slow. So for now ..the win 8 that I use is FAST, and works really good, so why destroy it all?.. I don't have to time to start all over again...

and my opinion is if win 8.1 is a huge update it will only make things work slower..

If anyone have any comments to that, or have tried win 8.1 then please let me know

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If I ever again say win 8 is working fine, then don't listen..

If I persist, then kick me hard and take me to a mental hospital.. :icecream:


Yes it was fast- in the beginning...- , but it began to shut down unexpected several times, and finally it could not find the boot drive...

A repair from Windows cd was not possible be course the drive was locked..

If I mount the drive in my old PC it works.. no problems all files can be seen.

Chkdsk finds no errors what so ever.


Other things that I notiched during the last days before the final crash was that sometimes windows could not see some files, forexample recorded movies, in Explorer, but if I used DVBViewer OSD I could see the files. Those files where not on the boot drive !!

Also it very often could not find the CI. Only way to solve that was to unplug and put it back and wait 30 seconds. Windows, like browser windows, also shut down for no reason.


So now I'm back installing win 7..

The bad part is all the time wasted, and it WAS fast, but VERY unstable, no matter how many drivers I tried to install.


The above just for information if someone out there consider to change to Win8, now you are warned!!

you might end up in a mental institution.. :icecream: if you try


have a nice evening.. I have another OS to set up, seach for channels, set up remote, collect fav. channels, set up epg, and you name it..

one more time..

Think I'll clone the C drive when everything works this time, sounds like a good idea..

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I have been running Win 8 on both a client and a RS server, since release date. The server is running 24/7. The server is Win 8, client is Win 8.1. No problems at all.

Both is 32 bit. Did you use 64 bit?

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yup, 64 bit

Now back on win 7 64 bit, and everything works fine...so far..

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Try 32 bit Win 8. No reason to use 64 bit. DVBViewer (and most other programs) don't use 64 bit, and 64 bit drivers are very often unstable.

Even Microsoft Office is unstable in 64 bit, and they admit it!

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I know that, but I think I'll stay where I am now, Win 8 is not really better than win7, maybe a fraction faster, which I actually doubt when all updates are downloaded. so why change?

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I am running DVBViewer under Windows 8.1 64..


Everything is perfect provided one get use of the new questionable desktop....

a little bit improved with W8.1

With Windows, my advice is not to live in the past as everything is designed now for the most recent version.

I supect all designers teams leave aside earlier Windows versions..


There is been one massive amount of updates since the W8 launch.. it is all OK now..


By the way, I have just reinstalled from scratch W8 84 then W8.1 udpate.. I could observe all updates are included in the 8.1 downloaded file now.. (OEM W8 64 version for the primary installation)


Just my 2 cents..

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