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DVBViewer 5.2.9


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.2.9 today.

ATTENTION: You can download the DVBViewer Pro 5.2.9 only from https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members/

We introduced in 2010 a new protection system with Version 4.5, if you haven't already got the new user credentials please read also: http://www.DVBViewer...ew-credentials/

DVBViewer Pro 5.2.9
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre



  • Add: Main Window: Resizing by dragging the edges keeps the aspect ratio of the video display area. Dragging the corners works as before.

  • Change: Main Window: The window sticks to the screen edges when it is resized with the mouse wheel.

  • Fix: Main and GUI Skin Window: Aero snap is prevented while resizing

  • Add: Main and GUI Skin Window: Snapping to the desktop edges under Windows Vista / 7, issues when moving the napped window are solved.

  • Add: GUI Skin Window: Resizing by dragging the lower right corner and holding the shift key down keeps the aspect ratio of the video display area. Dragging without shift key works as before.

  • Fix: GUI Skin Window: Resizing with the mouse wheel invisibly changed the size of the main window

  • Fix: DVBViewer Windows (general): Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C etc. disabled using them for standard functions (Select All, Copy...) in focused input fields

  • Fix: Channel List: Auto-scroll did not work when expanding a node.

  • Fix: Channel Editor: The return key didn't start the search function.

  • Fix: Scanner: The scanner didn't read ATSC Clear QAM channels correctly, thus creating "Service XXX" entries to which no EPG data could be assigned.

  • Fix: Timeshift: Timeshift files weren't written correctly after selection of ATSC subtitles

  • Fix: Timer Recordings Window: The Special Action -> Transponder Dump option didn't work.

  • Fix: Timer Recordings Window: An incomplete input in the start/end time fields disabled using most other control elements.

  • Add: Timer Recordings Window: Carry from minutes to hours and from hours to the date when exceeding 0 minutes/hours in the start/end time field.

  • Fix: Instance Management: Bug causing a resource leak under Windows 7 and preventing Tweaker.exe from detecting that DVBViewer Pro is running.

  • Fix: Instance Management: A second DVBViewer instance accessing the same configuration folder could be launched by using "as administrator".

  • Change: Browser: Enhanced default browser detection by using a new method (applies to EPG Internet search function and teletext URLs). A per-user browser selection now takes preference over global Windows settings.

  • Change: Database: dbconvert.exe isn't launched automatically anymore when DVBViewer is launched (only required when updating from DVBViewer Pro 4.3 or earlier, has to be performed manually now for converting the database to the new format).

  • Change: Teletext-Window: Start page input field for teletext search function removed (the start page can be selected directly as well).

  • Fix: Teletext-Window: The "Match whole word" option for the teletext search function was reversed (previously unchecked = whole word, now checked = whole word).

  • Fix: Setup: The setup.xml was written twice when DVBViewer was closed, causing the setup.bak to be a copy of the current instead of the previous setup.

  • Change: Setup: If an xml file can't be loaded because it is corrupted or not present, DVBViewer recreates it by copying the content of the according .bak file (if available).

  • Fix: KeyTool: Without a previously used key the key file selection was not displayed as intended

  • Update: Tweaker.exe to version 1.0.4

  • Update: DVBViewer Filter to version 3.8.0


  • Fix: Tweaks: The tweak that was supposed to let DVBViewer assume ISO 6937 character coding didn't work correctly.

  • Fix: EPG Character Set: Wrong EPG character set selection under certain circumstances.

  • Change: EPG Character Coding: The setup doesn't contain the file Huffman.dll anymore because it has been integrated in DVBViewer.

  • Fix: EPG Internet Search: The internet search in the EPG Window failed on some sites if the search item contained non-ASCII characters (e.g. umlauts). Please copy the new EPG_URLList.ini file from the installation directory to the configuration folder. It contains additional entries indicating if UTF-8 character coding must be applied for a site.

  • Fix: EPG Window: Numerous TV Guide issues fixed.

  • Fix: EPG Window: An incomplete time input in the time bar disabled using most other control elements.

  • Add: EPG Window: Carry from minutes to hours and from hours to the date when exceeding 0 minutes/hours in the time bar.

  • Fix: EPG Window: The date selection in the time bar was limited to 7 seven days ahead.


  • Fix: Hardware Options: If two or more equivalent free devices in the hardware list were set to "Preferred" DVBViewer selected the last instead the first one.

  • Fix: Hardware Options: Sorting the device list with drag & drop followed by OK/Apply caused a memory leak and possibly access violations.

  • Fix: Hardware Options: Canceling OK/Apply due to an ongoing recording caused a memory leak and possibly access violations.

  • Fix: Hardware Options: Useless "Rebuild Graph" on file playback after OK/Apply removed.

  • Add: Hardware Options: "Last Channel" is performed automatically if OK/Apply interrupts TV/Radio playback.

  • Fix: CI/CAM: Dynamic PMT changes of scrambled channels didn't work with Digital Devices cards

  • Fix: RTSP Device: A longer lasting RTSP tuning process could let the SAT>IP server stop the stream for other active RTSP devices in the same application because „still alive” messages were sent too late.

  • Fix: RTSP Device: Channel redirection didn't work as intended and caused an RTSP device to block for some time (only applies if the Recording Server is the RTSP server).

  • Change: RTSP Device: Code restructured in order to make it less error prone.


  • Add: Playback: Support for HEVC video. Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.8.0 and LAV Filters 0.59 or later.

  • Add: Playback: Support for AES3 audio. Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.8.0 and LAV Filters 0.58 or later.

  • Add: DirectX Options: HEVC decoder selection

  • Fix: Zoom: Under certain circumstances the video resolution was detected as 0 x 0 causing the View → Zoom 25%...200% functions in the context menu of the main window to set it to zero size.

  • Change: Picture in Picture: Code cleanup.

  • Fix: RDS: The accidental activation of RASS picture reception caused occasional beeps or saving of pictures in the configuration folder\images subdirectory when playing certain German radio stations.

  • Fix: VOD Source Filter: URL detection for Vimeo. Links work again.

  • Fix: Tweaks: Wrong default for "Use EVR Video Processor" option.


  • Fix: OSD Volume Bar: After 24 days without rebooting the PC the volume bar remained endlessly on screen.

  • Fix: OSD Help: The OSD menu timeout was unintentionally applied to the OSD help pages.

  • Fix: OSD Timeline: After entering a channel / favourite number the according channel entry wasn't marked / selected correctly in the OSD timeline.

  • Fix: OSD Menu: Moving the mouse within the video display area removed the focus from the currently selected OSD menu item, so OSD OK had to be pressed twice for selection.

  • Fix: OSD Default Skin: Dialogs didn't perform "page down" on first arrow down key press.

  • Fix: OSD Popup Windows: Closing DVBViewer with open OSD popup window (help or EPG details) caused an access violation.

  • Fix: Subtitles: Subtitles remained on screen when performing "Close Graph" while they were displayed.

  • Fix: Subtitles: Teletext subtitles didn't disappear immediately when switched off.

  • Fix: Digger Game: Small memory leak after the first level with enemies


  • Fix: HbbTV: Redirection of websites didn't work reliably

  • Fix: HbbTV: The AIT Parser didn't write the AIT links to the debug.log and COM DataManager.

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