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DVBViewer 5.0 and web radio

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Hello It's Diego. I have DVBViewer 5.0


I found on the we this web radio I'd Like to open with DVBViewer


I post the web radio page http://radio.linnrecords.com/index2.html


I'd like to open classical channel with copy paste url in "Open Url" into DVBViewer http://radio.linnrecords.com/cast/tunein.php/linnclassical/playlist.pls


But unfortunately it doesn't work.


But this link work good with an old version of Nero perhaps the 9 version.


Perhaps listening a web radio is not a feature of DVBViewer but perhaps I'm missing something.


Should I do something different to listen web radios?


Thanking you for any help.


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Hello I make an update and report I've fixed my problem.


I use the copy paste from the real audio link to web radio channel from this linrecord web page



This works because my lav filter support realmedia audio.


But it seem it doesn't support apple, Windows media player and winamp formats..


Have a nice time there.


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