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Sat>IP Alignment Tool for Android and iOS


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I published the first version of the Sat>IP tool we made for SES in the last weeks. It should allow users to align their dishes by presenting the quality and signal received from a sat>ip server. This could be a physical device or the Recordingservice. Besides this I also added a simple augmented reality sat finder. Since i now know how the magnetometer works and how the compass data is calculated with the gyro sensor i would not put to much trust in this, but unless you do not have a magnet nearby you should be able to track the satellite almost accurate with this feature.




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There is a new version on its way to the app store. Apple broke the compatibility with iOS 9, so i had to update the application.

The initial version was made in Delphi XE5 and in order to get it work again, i had to update to Delphi DX Seattle. This meant i had to rewrite the whole frontend again, but it looks quite fresh and new.


IMG_2759.jpg IMG_2760.jpg

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