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How i can create icon on win 7 desktop which change my channel ?

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Hi my dears users.

Sory for my english :)


For example:


My desktop have icons.

Suddenly i would like change my channel when press the icon on the desktop.


I would like to have separately icon for my channel on desktop, for example: bbc hd.exe, zdf hd.exe,...


Meybe i have to edit shortcut DVBViewer icon and add opplicable formule?

Like in my music player -foobar 2000.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe" /next <------- (arrow ;) )


How can i do that?

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Hi DVBViewer.tv,


for the other request (shortcut to switch channels/favorites plus or minus) you can create some special shortcuts coping the original one and adding the desired action to the DVBViewer command line like that: "C:\Programs\DVBViewer\DVBViewer.exe -x9", where:

- for Channel +, the action to add is -x9

- for Channel -, the action to add is -x8

- for Favourite +, the action to add is -x20

- for Favourite -, the action to add is -x21

There are many action you can add, you can find the complete list in the file "actions.ini" located in DVBViewer main program folder...


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Thanks all :)

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