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The Daddo Player is complete and after a small beta phase i will upload it to the app store.


First things first, i'm unluckily not able to offer all the broadcasting services from the start. It is some sort of chicken/egg related issue. On the one hand they want to know how many people you reach with the application and on the other hand you have the problem that you need attractive content to get more possible customers. Anyhow we do have a huge amount of radio and tv stations already in the application and since i also added UPNP/DLNA support you are also able to get in touch with your mediaservers at home. In theory you could watch television provided by the Recordingservice, but this only works fine on android at the moment. I do plan to allow this in the iOS Version by adding own decoders, but not at the first time.


I'm quite happy about the application and i hope you also will once it is released.


Img_0790.jpg Img_0815.jpg Img_0816.jpg Img_0827.jpg Img_0842.jpg

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Just a short status update. I decided to create 2 different designs for tablet and mobile devices. Unluckily we can not offer all services we implemented in first place. At least i received a couple of feedbacks and know how much we have to pay for licenses. We will start with a list of 30k radio and 258 tv streams in the first place. I would to add USTV Now from scratch, but did not got a respond since 3 weeks. Anyhow this is how the tablet version looks like:



I also redesigned the fm control panel:

image.jpg image.jpg

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Can we get some more details about the features of this app? What is the difference to other media player apps?

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Well it is a player i wanted to have - slim and easy to use in the first place, without too much settings.

In long terms thinking the platform should allow to become a DVBViewer client for mobile devices which means UPNP and Sat>IP. To do so i probably have to use libav for decoding. The first release wont support Sat>IP and does not contain libav, since the battery draining factor is too high for software decoding ;)

I also disliked those overpriced and overrated TV apps flooding the store with the same content and so i tried to use my connections in order to collect useful tv stations. Unluckily my goal was probably too overestimated, at least i figured out that several providers simply do not respond unless they see it is an application which might become profitable (for them). But i'm quite happy with the channels i can offer in this application. I still wait for response of USTVNow and Futubox - at least USTVNow would be cool.

In the mean time (while waiting) i focused on UPnP and Radio. Even if you wont be able to play all files provided via UPnP it runs quite nicely with audio and MP4 videos. For the Android release i will license the Bass audio library since it runs extremely well.

The radio feature is something i'm really happy with. I always wanted to have a virtual FM transmitter which could be used to tune in radio stations. This means you select a region you would like to be and you can listen to the stations by sliding the fm bar. Call me nostalgic, but i really love the way to tune in a radio. The application also tries to detect the Artist and Songtitle and once it succeeded you can open iTunes to find more about the artist resp. to buy the Album.

I also wanted to list emergency broadcast stations, but this service is not affordable at the moment. To be fair the license fee is justified, but since i do not know if the app will become at least accepted by the market i do not want to invest into services unless they are not really necessary. I also can not offer databases like VTuner and Noxon in the first place, since i never got a response of vtuner about the licensing fees till today and Noxon is partially using VTuner and can not be added caused by this reason. Anyhow we do have a huge offline database with about 50k Radiochannels (i did not counted them yet) which should compensate this.


And finally did i mentioned that the app looks amazing - even on Android. :)



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..and when this adventure is finished, DVBViewer/RS will get some attention Again?

I am sad to say this, but after Lars has left us, i feel that development of DVBViewer/RS has stopped. Hackbardt, have you given op this project?

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We do work on the DVBViewer and it has been already written in the forum as well as at the main page.

The sad fact is that we do have to provide additional projects in order to keep the DVBViewer alive.

So unluckily i daily get mails like:


"Hallo Herr Christian Hackbart


ich habe am 23.1.2004 bei ihnen den DVBViewer gekauft.


Leider geht mein Zugang nicht mehr.

Ich habe schon zwei mal einen neuen Zugang über die Webseite angefordert aber keinen erhalten."

In english: I payed on 23.1.2004 and my account does not work anymore. I already requested access multiple times but did not received anything.





Hallo Herr Hackbart,

ich benötige Ihre Hilfe.

Ich habe von Herrn F. die Lizenz für das Programm DVBViewer gekauft.

Herr F. hat dieses Programm bei Ihnen am 1.3.2007 gekauft.

Herr F. hat mir mit einer Papierkopie einer Mail von Ihnen vom 23.8.2011 die Zugangsdaten gegeben.

in english: Dear Mr. Hackbart. I need your help. I brought vom Mr. F a license fot the DVBViewer. Mr F. brought the program on march 1st 2007. Mr. F gave me a paper copy of the mail you had sent him on august 23rd. with the access data.

Frankly we can't live with the money spent by customers years ago and/or those who resold their license to a third party. Which is a pervert act of misuse and i'm still get mad reading these kind of mails. I do not want to complain about, but it is required to expand our portfolio and with mobile devices you have millions of possible users from scratch.


We (to be honest Griga does the main job in this case) made a huge spring cleaning in the code. This was necessary since the development is now more than 10 years in progress and there are a bunch of unnecessary code passages and weird stuff inside which has to become cleaned. The menu has been completely changed, and a lot of options where removed or summarized. Since the changes where quite a lot we decided to publish a beta version in order to find possible bugs created by removing and rewriting.

After this we plan to integrate a Internet/DAB radio as virtual DVB Devices into the application. Thats also a reason why i started developing the media player for android/iOS. I would like to integrate some online databases once the DVBViewer plugin is finished. I'm aware of the costs, especially since they all require a monthly fee and i do not have such thing in mind for the plugin. Keep in mind you pay a plugin for an amount of lets say 8 euro and use it 10 years which costs us e.g. 400 Euro per month for offering the database. This does not work with customers mentioned above.

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Well i do not answer any pm unless it is not absolutely necessary. I do get more than 5 of them daily and this is a forum and not a pm Service.

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Bryan. Listen!! It is stupid to send personal mails to the developers. They should use there time to make a better product. If you want to ask questions, put it in this forum.

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Yes thats a problem with Apple's downward compatibility. I had to buy Delphi 10 Seattle in order to update all iOS projects. This will take a while. I also assume i won't be able to update the application since apple changed its policy for applications which can play live tv streams.

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To be fair, my next steps are:

1. Updating the SES Alignment Tool. I never liked the look and feel, so i will modify it.

2. In the last months i completely rewrote JustRadio and since the codebase with the mobile version is equal, i will update justradio after this. It is some of my essential mobile apps, which i use daily.

3. then i will update Daddo. But as i already mentioned, i assume the update won't get into the store. Since about 7 months it is nearly impossible to put apps which provide live video streams into the google or apple store.


By the way i made a couple of smaller apps which i never published. A nice one was created after JustTV got rejected. It is a Webcam database with almost every highres video cam available in the www. I really loved to watch the time square at night.



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