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Daddo Player is in the Store


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This time everything went a bit faster as usual and after less than 5days the daddo player has been reviewed and approved. You might wonder why i drop this note here, but the application provides radio stations which will become also part of the DVBViewer soon (as kind of virtual DVB adapter, same with DAB support). Daddo also comes with Upnp playback (partially since i use Bass for Audio and Quicktime for video which does not support all media formats). I will put some screenshots in this thread later :)

The application itself is something i'm quite proud of it. The first mobile application i made which does exactly something i personally wanted to have. Unluckily i had to disable a lot of services before the release since i did not got the final answer. VTuner never responded, so i use the Database which will be part of the DVBViewer and is collected by myself over the years. It is a subset of the Noxon Radio content so the most of them are probably familar with it (if you use the Terratec Edition you see them in the channel list).

The police scanner has been removed since i can not afford the monthly fee for licensing broadcastify. Their prices are fair especially since this is definitively a niche, but not affordable at the moment.

I also wanted to add support for Futubox and USTV Now, but i never received the final ok. If i get an answer i can enable it easily within no time. For those who do not know USTV Now, it is a broadcaster who offers american local TV in SD and HD for american citizens outside the united states.

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I forgot to add a few impressions of the player :)


IPhone Screenshots:


IMG_1014.PNG IMG_1016.PNG IMG_1017.PNG IMG_1018.PNG IMG_1019.PNG


Android Tablet Screenshots:

Screenshot_2014-05-06-11-06-37.png Screenshot_2014-05-06-11-09-32.pngScreenshot_2014-05-06-11-09-59.png Screenshot_2014-05-06-11-03-57.png Screenshot_2014-05-06-19-52-25.png Screenshot_2014-05-06-19-52-11.png

Screenshot_2014-05-24-19-02-19.png Screenshot_2014-05-24-19-02-49.png


I should mention that besides the thousands of cool radio stations we also have listed houndreds of high quality tv broadcasts. I disabled the ability to record the tv streams, but did i mentioned that it is quite cool to record radio with your tablet and/or mobile. With the upcoming android version you also will be able to export the recordings as regular mp3 or aac audio files.


The application is designed for Mobiles and Tablets and since the display formats differ i had to build also two different kind of views for Android and iOS. So you dont need to expect that the user interface and handling does not behave in a native way. With the help of several translators the application does support english, german, chinese, portguese, spanish, czech, turkish, slovak, polish and russian.


​Suggestions could be put in here: http://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/54608-daddo-player-suggestions/

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I've finally published the first version of the Daddo Player in the Play Store. You will find it in a few hours under the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cmuv.Daddo


Within the next hours i plan to update the iOS Version which will also get the same new Map selection and contain a few bug fixes i found out while working on the Android port. I'm not sure but i hope you will love it, like i do, to select a region on the map for tuning a radio station. I never thought that iceland has so many of cool radio stations ;) You should also be able to tune stations from the Recordingservice.

The next big thing will be Chromecast, but only if the player become accepted and i find time to study their api.

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I've updated a new version for the google play store. It should be available in a few hours. The biggest changes are performance related.

Certain Android devices do react quite unresponsive, so i was forced to do several tuning. For example the radio streams are now completely running in a second thread and it is now also possible to crossfade between stations.

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