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After recording task to convert TS into MP4


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After running DVBViewer in out TVSERVER for some months, our school is planning to deploy a DAM system (Digital Asset Management). This DAM system doesn't allow the streaming of TS files.


So I have been asked to convert our TS files, the output of our multi gigabytes HD recordings, to a more suitable format like MP4.


For this I have created a post recording task with the following command I found in Internet:


ffmpeg.exe -i "{SOURCE_FILE}" -vcodec copy -acodec "{PATH_FILENAME}.mp4"


The command works and our DAM system is able to import the resulting mp4 ans stream it.


My only worry is that when the the mp4 is streamed to full screen the the quality is not so good.


As I'm not really sure what the command is doing, my question is if, perhpas, there is a better command

to make the conversion from TS to MP4.


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For HD recordings the best solution is -vcodec copy (the h.264 video stream is simply copied to the new video container, nothing is changed there)

But -acodec doesn't make any sense, remove it or use -acodec copy if the audio is already AAC by you channels.


Or replace it with -strict experimental -map 0:a -acodec aac to convert the first audio trek to AAC.


And you could add -metadata title="{TITLE}" -metadata description="{SUBTITLE}" -metadata comment="{CHANNEL} recorded with DVBViewer Recording Service" to include some informations in the meta data of the file. ;)


here is a description in German about this.



And if you don't know what a command is used for you find the explanation here:


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mani tehrani
On 2/3/2015 at 7:31 PM, Tjod said:


And you could add -metadata title="{TITLE}" -metadata description="{SUBTITLE}" -metadata comment="{CHANNEL} recorded with DVBViewer Recording Service" to include some informations in the meta data of the file. ;)


is it a list for supported metadata? like: "{SUBTITLE}" , "{TITLE}"  , "{CHANNEL}" , etc ... ?

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