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Streaming "raw" feed over the internet service?


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So this is all purely hypothetical.

Maybe it already exists, if so please say so!


What would be the legality and feasibility of having a service where people would pay for bandwidth and a remote DVBViewer server to get a satellite feed without a dish.

Obviously if the person is in an area where they can receive the feed this wouldn't be very much circumventing anything, would it?

It would still allow all free to air channel to be viewed.


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having a service where people would pay

..all content that is not made by yourself is protected by copyright. But there are lots of criminals around, do you want to join them? :shiftyninja:

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You sharing the signal of the TV station (and not only for family members in private).

I would assume that you need the permission from the TV station.

(Even official streams from TV stations are some times stopped, because the TV station has not the right to distribute the content via Internet e.g. sport were a different company has the right for distribution via internet).


But I'm not a lawyer.

Only a lawyer in you jurisdiction or the TV station you are sharing (not the costumer support, you need legal department), can give you a reliable answer.

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Completely agree that resharing protected content would be highly illegal.

Also this is completely hypothetical, it just boggled my mind.

The reason for that is that if you think about it, by broadcasting a non encrypted satellite signal all over a zone, aren't they forfeiting any rights to claim it's protected?


Hence my original showerthought of "why would it be illegal to just rent a remote dvb device, if you would be able to get the same signal from your home with no special licensing"?

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Copyright is a complicate topic. If you see a picture on a website. That doesn't give you any permission to use it. Or to copy the hole website.


If the users would not be paying for the streaming. But instead each user for its own server with a DVB tuner, it could be different situation.


There have been company's doing this. And they where in the news for lawsuit a lot.


So if you really think about this. The first step should be getting a good lawyer, specialised on copyright and internet related topics. And discuss everything with him.

You will need him a lot, even if it is not illegal in you jurisdiction.

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