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Just Radio - online database updates

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can't you make the radio stations database for Just Radio separate from the app, available via some web service online, updatable directly from the client independently on the application updates?

The application would contain the initial builtin database, but then it would update it online.

This would reduce the need to frequently release new versions just to update this database - e.g. you could release new versions only when there would be a good reason to do it (functionality enhancements, bug fixes etc).

And of course, the builtin database could be still updated on these releases.


Or does some app store policy (especially Apple's) prohibit that?

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Actually the current builds are able to download the updates from our server. The published windows build, as well as the waiting OSX build. The problem is that the review time by Apple takes a lot time and if they reject an app you have to gather detailed information why the app has been rejected and reupload a fixed build. I did not uploaded a new IOS and Android build yet which uses the database located on our server. It will be done later this month i suppose.

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Could JustRadio absorb the list from TuneIn Radio, notably Japanese anime songs stations?

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Oh dear, this is not possible :( What i can do is add new stations people submit. You can do this inside the app. Next version will be able to play WMA back, since some stations in new zealand and japan do use this format.

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