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i just want to say thanks for this super cool application. Did you ever thought about selling it as seperate product for Windows? I used Andreas Gsinns Dab Player since a while and he did an amazing Job. It is the best DAB tool for Computers, but it looks extremely ugly. I stumbled over Justradio and what shall i say: It looks great the idea to use a map for Radio stations is amazing and Dab works like it should.

Just my two Cents, but the application is available for Android, iOS, Kindle, OSX and Windows and beats all competitors i tested yet. No app has as much stations like JustRadio and combines this with DAB. I would say 5 Euro for Windows and the same for OSX would be suitable. Maybe you could also think about a Website. The application should not live in such a nieche :) How do you handle the Radio logos? They are not part of the Installation, since the installer is so small.



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thanks i'm aware of that :) There are a lot of people already using the application and i receive daily 2 or 3 station suggestions which is more than i had expected. The most people use the Windows version and surprisingly the Android one.

iOS and OSX are left behind, mostly caused by the fact that it is hard to find the app in the store if you do not know where to search. You are right with the website and i will try to create one for this project. I also started working on some sort of recording logic which allows you to record more than one station in the background. I'm unsure how to solve this. My idea is either some sort of recording list which you can add all stations you want and the tool is recording them once you started and till you quit the application. Or similar like a vcr inside the DVBViewer.

Both ideas have their pros and cons. Right now i'm undecided.



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I saw the new page and it looks damn cook. I am happy to test the new build, if possible. how many mb are the channel logos in size? I saw that some of them are 1024x1024 and higher.

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