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DVBViewer 5.4.0 beta


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.4.0 beta today.

DVBViewer Pro 5.4.0 beta
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre

Changelog DVBViewer Pro 5.4.0 Beta

  • Change: Custom EVR: The EVR Custom Video Renderer has been replaced by a new version elaborated by CiNcH, comprising several picture quality and timing enhancements.
  • Add: MadVR: The high quality MadVR video renderer (if installed) can be selected in the DirectX Options. MadVR provides a lot of expert settings via its property page (see Settings → Filters menu). Please note that this renderer requires some graphics card capabilities and GPU power. It may be unsuitable for old resp. low-end graphics cards.
  • Add: Custom EVR/Logging: New -d3ddebug command line switch enabling EVR Custom / D3D debugging. It can be used together with or independently from the -debug and -osddebug switch. Please note that -d3ddebug may let the DVBViewer.log file grow rapidly.
  • Removed: Custom EVR: Support for D3D exclusive full screen mode.
  • Add: Custom EVR / MadVR: Action “Custom Renderer Stats” (see actions.ini) for switching cyclically between the OSD statistics levels (off, basic, extended) of the EVR Custom Video Renderer resp. for switching the MadVR debug OSD on/off (MadVR 0.87.18 or later required).
  • Add: Custom EVR Tweaks: The following tweaks have been added (see Tweaker.exe):
    • Use FlipEx swap chain (default on): Applies to the EVR Custom Renderer under Windows 7 with Aero and Windows 8. Enables efficient D3D usage, but a change from the EVR Custom Renderer to certain other renderers (VMR 7/9, standard EVR) will only work after a DVBViewer restart, if "Allow video panel recreation" is switched off.
    • Allow video panel recreation (default on): Allows to recreate the video panel under Windows 7 with Aero and Windows 8 on custom -> no-custom renderer changes. Enables the change in any case independently from "Use FlipEx swap chain", but may have unknown side effects.
    • Alternative VSync method (default off): Applies to Windows XP and Windows 7 without Aero. Replaces the standard Direct3D VSync handling by an alternative method enabling manual adjustment to prevent tearing.
    • VSync shift (in scan lines, default = 0): Applies to Windows XP and Windows 7 without Aero if "Alternative VSync method" is switched on. Shifts the point of time for frame output in order to prevent tearing effects.
    • Custom EVR color range (default = 1): 0 = EVR Default, 1 = 0..255, 2 = 16..235, 3 = 48..208, 4 = 64..127.
    • Custom EVR matrix for YUV -> RGB conversion (default = 3): 0 = EVR Default, 1 = BT709, 2 = BT601, 3 = Auto (BT601 for SD, BT709 for HD)
  • Change: DirectX Options: The “Use custom renderer” checkbox has been removed. The custom renderer mode (associated with the OSD D3D mode) is now activated by selecting the “EVR Custom Video Renderer” entry in the Video Renderer drop-down list.
  • Add: DirectX Options: The EVR Custom Video Renderer can be selected on the Video A/B or DVD page in combination with non-custom renderers on another page. Additionally the video renderer can now be specified in filter graph presets. Please note that a video renderer change may require restarting DVBViewer under certain conditions (see tweaks above).
  • Add: DirectX Options: New Custom Renderer option “DXVA Scaling”. Decides if scaling is done by the EVR mixer (using DXVA) or by the D3D engine (using D3D like the previous Custom EVR).
  • Removed: DirectX Options: The VMR9 Custom Video Renderer is not supported anymore.
  • Change: DirectX/DVD Options: After selecting the page initially the VideoB / AudioB tabs are shown if VideoB/AudioB is currently active.
  • Fix: DirectX Options: Several visual, language file and other flaws corrected.
  • Change: DirectX Options: The VMR Options now take effect globally, not separately for the Video A/B and DVD page anymore.
  • Fix/Change: DirectX Options: Corrected and updated decoder defaults (thanks to Tjod!).
  • Add: PiP: Context menu for the Picture in Picture window providing the following functions: Close, Take Over, Swap, PiP Audio on/off, Record, Channel Plus/Minus, the latter automatically skipping channels that are currently not available for PiP. Additionally the context menu contains a Filters sub-menu enumerating the DirectShow components currently used by PiP.
  • Add: PiP: Border for the PiP window. It can be resized with the mouse by dragging the edges, as indicated by the mouse cursor.
  • Fix: PiP: The PiP Window does not cover the popup channel list and the control bar anymore.
  • Change: PiP : The PiP window keeps its relative position when the main window is resized, e. g. remains in the upper right corner.
  • Fix: PiP: Hardware administration related bugs and numerous other issues.
  • Fix: PiP Options: The video decoder selection was ignored.
  • Add/Change: PiP Options: Drop-down list for video renderer selection. The former “Use VMR 9 Renderer” checkbox has been removed.
  • Add: PiP / Channel List: New “Picture in Picture” item in the channel list context menu (in all channel list appearances except the channel list editor), that displays the right-click-selected channel as picture in picture. The menu item is disabled if the channel resp. a matching tuner is currently not available. The selected channel can also be played as PiP by pressing Ctrl + Return.
  • Add: PiP / OSD: All PiP functions added to the OSD PiP context menu.
  • Add: PiP / OSD: “Picture in Picture” item added to the OSD context menu of the OSD channel list page, allowing to display the selected channel / favorite as picture in picture. The item only appears if a channel (not a category) is selected and if it is available as picture in picture (depending on the available tuners).
  • Fix/Change/Add: Mosaic Preview: Completely reworked. Processing of H.264 and HEVC channels added (previously only MPEG2). The mosaic can now be switched off with the OSD Back action (space bar by default). Numerous bugs and incompatibilities with OSD skins fixed.
  • Change: Mosaic Options: The Settings → DirectX → Mosaic Preview page and most of its settings have been removed. Only two settings are left. They are now located on the DirectX → Picture in Picture page: Mosaic Preview → Video Decoder specifies the video decoder used for mosaic preview. Preferably select one that is able to decode all video formats that are broadcasted in your region. LAV Video Decoder recommended! “Columns” (range 2..9) specifies the number of pictures in a row. The more columns, the smaller the picture size.
  • Removed: Main Window: GUI skin support and the corresponding ”Appearance” page in the options. The icon and menu style settings have been moved to the General options.
  • Change: Main Window: If the main window borders on the monitor's work area bounds the “Best Window Size” and “Auto Size” functions keep this state, which means, resizing neither exceeds the border nor detaches the main window from it.
  • Fix: Pop-up Channel List: After a change in the TV/Radio Options the pop-up channel list was not set to its correct size and position. The pop-up channel list disappeared when the mouse cursor left the area though its context menu was still open.
  • Fix: Channel Administration: The satellite orbital position (and also the network number for DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC and IPTV networks) was ignored on transponder comparison, so that DVBViewer could erroneously regard two channels from different networks as belonging to the same transponder.
  • Change: Recorder: Instant recordings are performed directly with the main window or PiP channel data, not with the data retrieved by a channel ID based search in the channel list anymore (does not apply to instant recordings delegated to the Recording Service).
  • Fix: Recorder: TS recordings yielded a file containing no video and audio if the Service ID was 0 and Options → Recorder → Adjusted PAT/PMT was switched on.
  • Fix: Recording Service Options: Changes in the “Service Address and Port” input line did not activate the Apply button.
  • Fix: Hardware Options: After relaunching DVBViewer the DVB-S2/T2 checkboxes for RTSP devices were always ticked, even if previously unticked.
  • Fix: General: Screen reader support in the treeview component was broken due to compatibility issues.
  • Fix: General: After text enlargement in the Windows control panel control elements were positioned invisibly outside of window boundaries. The “Help → Recording Service Wizard” and “Options → Hardware → DVB File Device → Settings” now avoid the issue by retaining small text.
  • Change: Playback: DVBViewer Filter updated to version 3.9.2.
  • Change: Playback: Enhanced E-AC3 handling particularly concerning AC3 / E-AC3 audio track changes on file playback with the DVBViewer Filter (see here). Additionally E-AC3 and AAC audio types are now more distinguishable displayed by the status bar hint and written to recorder logs as "E-AC3" resp. "ADTS AAC" or "LATM AAC", if possible.
  • Fix: Playback: Under certain conditions relative jumps (+/- x seconds) in pause mode didn't yield the expected position (more about it here).
  • Fix: Playback: DVBViewer didn't recognize AAC as audio type and didn't use the AAC Decoder selected in the DirectX Options when the LAV Sourcefilter/Splitter was connected to the LAV Audio Decoder.
  • Fix: File Playback: When (re-)playing files with the DVBViewer Filter and the EVR Video Renderer DVBViewer did not remember the previous file position.
  • Add: UpnP Playback: "Copy URL" command in the UPnP Window context menu, so URLs can be exported and tested in other software (like TransEdit).
  • Fix: Stream Playback: Source filters / splitters defined by filtergraph presets with the "Stream" condition were ignored.
  • Fix: Stream Playback: Adjustments for a changed USTVNow login method. Additionally USTVNow was not rendered correctly in DVBViewer.
  • Removed: OSD Options: “Display background graphics” checkbox (now always switched on).
  • Add: OSD: Horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel and mouse selection in the new default skin → htpcHome → media center menu.
  • Fix: OSD: Several bugs affecting OSD-embedded video (like in the previous default skin), particularly concerning the resizing behavior.
  • Fix: OSD: The “Back” item in the OSD context menu of the OSD channel list page prebooked the selected program instead of just closing the menu.
  • Fix: OSD: The “Show Mini EPG in timeshift mode” tweak did not work anymore (see Tweaker.exe).
  • Fix: OSD: DVBViewer created wrong filenames for loading pictures supplied by the EPGImporter.
  • Add: OSD: UPnP icon in the home menu and UPNP page (including the possibility of using a myUPNP.xml or myVideo.xml as fallback).
  • Change/Fix: OSD: Redesigned EPG search window. Due to a missing listbox it did not appear in the default skin.
  • Fix: OSD: The OSD subtitle menu could not be opened directly on file playback (specifically MKV playback).
  • Fix: OSD: Slideshow pan & scan (Ken Burns Effect) was broken.
  • Add: OSD: A red button indicates HbbTV or MHEG5 availability. It is displayed in the Mini EPG if an image with ID 209 (HbbTV) and 210 (MHEG5) is provided. Moreover a HEVC and UltraHD icon was added.
  • Add: Visual Effects: Fluid Visualizer Plugin.
  • Fix: Weather: Weather data was not retrieved anymore.
  • Change: HbbTV: If the “HbbTV Proxy” tweak is switched on (see Tweaker.exe) the HbbTV engine will always try to find the windows proxy first
  • Fix: HbbTV/MHEG: Switching the tweak “Use browser cache for HbbTV” off (see Tweaker.exe) now disables the cache completely.
  • Fix: HbbTV/MHEG: The position of video inside a HbbTV/MHEG window was not correct.



here is the topic for bug reports


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