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DVBViewer 5.4.1 (beta)


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.4.1 beta today.

DVBViewer Pro 5.4.1 beta
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre


  • Fix (finally): Shutdown / Log-off: DVBViewer unnecessarily refused to be closed on Windows shutdown / log-off, thus letting Windows display a “the following programs are still running” screen offering to force or cancel the action. Forcing it caused loss of unsaved data in DVBViewer. Now DVBViewer only refuses to be closed if it is recording, if a recording to be executed by DVBViewer is due within the next minutes (see Options → Shutdown) or the Recording Service is executing an instant recording. The reason is displayed in the Windows UI. Forcing shutdown / log-off doesn't cause data loss anymore.

  • Change: General: DVBViewer does not prevent the Windows idle timeout anymore if (and only if) no playback and no recording is going on resp. is due within the next minutes (see Options → Shutdown → Don't shut down if a recording is due within...). The idle timeout is the time without user interaction (configured in the Windows energy options) after which Windows automatically triggers sleep mode / hibernation.

  • Add: Playback: Checkbox Options → General → Resume playback after sleep mode / hibernation. This option applies to TV/Radio and file playback. Please note that playback does not resume as long as a lock screen is present.

  • Add: Shutdown Options: The “Don't shut down if a recording is due within...” setting now also applies if closing DVBViewer or shutting the PC down is triggered outside the OSD. If a recording executed by DVBViewer (!) is due within the configured minutes DVBViewer will prompt for confirmation on closing, prevent shutdown / log-off, the idle timeout (see above) and let Windows replace sleep mode by away mode (if triggered by the user or other applications).

  • Removed: Task Scheduler: The support for the outdated DVB Task Scheduler tool has been removed. If you want the PC to wake up automatically for recording please use the Recording Service or configure task scheduling on Options → Recorder → Recordings.

  • Fix: Recorder: Recordings were not stopped properly on hibernation.

  • Change: Recorder: Instant recordings executed by the Recording Service are now stopped in any case (and consistently with the OSD → System options) after confirmation when DVBViewer is closed. Formerly a dialog offered to continue the recording independently from a running DVBViewer instance as timer recording with a default duration of 24 hours. Please note that the handling is solely up to the Recording Service if sleep mode / hibernation is triggered outside DVBViewer.

  • Fix: Recorder: Instant recordings executed by the Recording Service are not needlessly stopped anymore when applying changes in the hardware options.

  • Fix: Recorder: The red record indicator in the taskbar button was not updated if the status bar was not visible or DVBViewer was minimized.

  • Add: General: DVBViewer is now basically able to adjust its windows and contained text to the text size settings in the Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Display section. Additionally Windows is informed about this capability, so DVBViewer is not scaled graphically anymore in case of 150% text size and more, which caused a blurry UI display and bad video quality particularly in full screen mode.

  • Add: General: Resizer.exe is a new tool for customizing the DVBViewer font and the window/text size independently from the control panel settings (see above). Changes can only be applied while DVBViewer is closed. Please note that the size of some items like window title bars or standard message boxes is not under application control and can' t be influenced by the Resizer Tool. The menu font and size is only influenced by the Resizer settings if the DVBViewer Menu Style is selected on Options → General.

  • Fix: General: The “Hide hints in the top area of windows” tweak didn't take effect on some windows with top area hints (see Tweaker.exe).

  • Add: Input Options: Some labels in the Action Editor added to make it more comprehensible.

  • Change/Fix: Hardware: The device administration has been completely reworked, avoiding various issues like using two tuners for the same transponder, unnecessarily switching Picture in Picture off and some more.

  • Add: Hardware: Support for additional encoder devices similar to Hauppauge PVR, including Hauppauge Colossus/Siena, Vixs Pure TV, ITE Tech IT9910 HD Grabber, AverMedia HD, TeVii,. Roxio). The general handling has been enhanced. A settings dialog for encoder devices on Options → Hardware replaces the former Editor Tool. Read more about it here.

  • Add: Hardware Options: “Reset after sleep/hibernate” checkbox and “Reset DVB device before recording” tweak (for more information see Tweaker.exe). Applies to DVB devices with BDA driver and TechniSat cards with WDM / network driver. This option should only be used for devices that are not working correctly after sleep / hibernation.

  • Fix: MadVR: Measures against MadVR trying to close down prematurely when DVBViewer is closed, causing trouble if DVBViewer prompts for confirmation in case of ongoing recordings.

  • Fix: MadVR: Switching between TV channels with different video type (e. g. H.264 ↔ MPEG2) caused the mouse cursor to appear permanently in full screen mode.

  • Fix: OSD / Custom EVR: Display of dynamic background images did not work anymore.

  • Fix: OSD / Custom EVR: The OSD was displayed too small if the GPU only supports power of two texture dimensions.

  • Fix: OSD / Mosaic: The Return key resp. OSD OK action didn't switch to the selected mosaic TV channel.

  • Fix: OSD: Several pages of the default OSD (Envy) skin have been reworked (videoinfo.xml, dialogok.xml, dialogyesno.xml, myUPNP.xml).

  • Fix: Main Window: Access violation if Video/Audio A/B was toggled in playback off state.

  • Fix: Timer Recordings Window: Access violations on certain occasions.

  • Fix: Options: Measures against plug-ins causing trouble by needlessly activating the Apply button when adding option pages.

  • Fix: Shader: The Settings → Shaders → Last Shader menu item didn't toggle between the last shader and none.

  • Fix: Weather: Weather data was assigned to wrong days (one day shifted to the future).

  • Add: Logging (already available in 5.4.0): If translating a window content fails in debug mode, DVBViewer writes the missing language file section and its English default content to a file “Missing_[Language].log” located in the language sub-directory of the configuration folder. [Language] is the name of the currently used language file.

  • Updated: DVBViewer Filter to version 3.9.3. The property page is adjusted to the text size settings in the Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Display section.

  • Updated: VODSource Filter to version 2.2.3: Potential DVBViewer crash on stream abortion and minor bugs in the JSON parser fixed.

here is the topic for bug reports


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