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DVBViewer 5.5.0


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.5.0 today.

DVBViewer Pro 5.5.0
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre


If you are updating from version 5.3.2 to 5.5.0 please take note of the changes in version 5.4.0 beta and 5.4.1 beta. They are not contained in the following list.

  • Change: Hardware: The “Retune on missing stream...” function now ensures that the interval between (!) two tuning processes is at least twice as long as the time needed for tuning, thus preventing DVBViewer from getting completely occupied by repeated tuning.

  • Removed: Hardware Options: The device status cannot be set to “Preferred” anymore. Free devices are now allocated solely according to the device list order. The first (topmost) entry has the highest priority.

  • Add: Hardware Options: The selected device list entry can be moved up and down by using the shift key plus arrow up/down, thereby influencing its priority.

  • Fix: Hardware Options: The Delete button in the DVB File Device settings did not perform any action.

  • Add: Hardware Options: Tweak for devices / BDA drivers that expect a symbol rate value multiplied by 1000 (applies specifically to the PCTV 291e/461e DVB-C tuner). The following line has to be added manually in the corresponding section of the file hardware.xml:

<entry name="SRx1000">1</entry>

  • Fix: RTSP Device: The Sat>IP Frontend Tweak (to be added manually in the file hardware.xml) did not work correctly.

  • Fix: Unicast Device: Switching between scrambled channels did not work anymore.

  • Change/Add: Channel List: The keyboard shortcuts for the filter options are now Ctrl + function keys (previously function keys without Ctrl colliding with standard functions like F1 for help). Shortcuts for other functions have been added (see channel list context menu).

  • Fix: Channel List: Adding a favorite via the channel list context menu did not update the favorites menu in the main window.

  • Add: Channel List: If the file channels.dat can neither be loaded from the configuration folder nor from the installation folder, DVBViewer tries to load the backup file channels.bak.

  • Fix: Channel List Editor: Right-clicking the favorites panel did not select the according entry.

  • Fix: Options: In certain cases the Options Window did not show the last selected page when it was re-opened and radio buttons did not show the current settings.

  • Fix: Music Options: The “FreeDB Audio CD lookup” checkbox did not activate the Apply button. Under certain circumstances the “Cleanup Database” function caused an access violation, which caused an hourglass cursor to remain active until DVBViewer was restarted.

  • Fix: EPG Options: The “Offset to GMT” field in the time zone settings displayed the value as time of day formatted according to the Windows regional settings (e.g. with AM/PM), not as a simple time offset. Selecting “Automatic time zone” did not reset the offset to the standard value.

  • Fix: EPG Window: Several language file related issues (@language file authors: requires language file update). The search settings were not stored in the file setup.xml and got lost when DVBViewer was closed. Additionally right-clicking the timeline did not select the according entry.

  • Change: OSD: Several default skin pages reworked.

  • Fix: OSD: Truncated EPG descriptions of Freesat / Freeview programs.

  • Fix: OSD: The caption of the currently played playlist item was invisible in the default (Envy) skin.

  • Fix: OSD: After browsing channels in the Mini EPG and closing it, the OSD Main Menu showed the logo of the last Mini EPG channel, not the logo of the currently played channel.

  • Fix: OSD: The OSD Menu → htpcHome → UPnP page could let DVBViewer freeze for a long time.

  • Fix: OSD: While being shown OSD dialogs prevented UI status updates. Additionally the pop-up channel list did not disappear.

  • Change: OSD/Weather: MSN weather has been replaced by OpenWeather and GeoNames.org. Microsoft seems to have abandoned the support for its weather forecast system. Please note: The cities in the weather options need to be updated since the IDs have changed.

  • Fix: MHEG-5 / OSD: Some flaws when receiving and displaying BBC MHEG-5 content.

  • Fix: General: The support for visually impaired resp. screen readers in the Virtual TreeView component was broken again.

  • Add: Recorder: Removing video filler data includes an additional filler data type (adaptation field stuffing).

  • Change: Recording Service: DVBViewer only responds to shutdown messages (by showing a confirmation dialog) sent by the Recording Service with which it is associated. Formerly shutdown dialogs for other Recording Service instances in the network showed up, but the Cancel Button had no effect (did not stop shutdown).

  • Change: Recording Service: DVBViewer uses the value in Options → General → Shutdown → Shutdown Warning Timeout for the “Recording Service will shutdown” dialog instead of hard-coded 20 seconds. This also allows to disable the dialog completely.

  • Fix: Playlist: DVBViewer did not recognize .m3u8 files as playlist and tried to play comments and unknown extended M3U directives (with leading #) as a file.

  • Fix: Custom EVR / DVD Playback: Selection changes in DVD menus remained invisible if the Custom EVR was used in combination with certain decoders.

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