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DVBViewer 5.5.1


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.5.1 today.

DVBViewer Pro 5.5.1
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre


  • Fix/Change: Main Window: Several window state related issues concerning “Hide All” mode, Radio Window etc. The Radio Window is now always shown with title bar, menu bar, tool bar and status bar. These elements cannot be hidden anymore (the variable height caused some unwanted effects). The Radio Window width is now handled and stored independently from the Video Window width...

  • Add: General: Scaling of tool button icons and other graphical elements according to the Windows text size settings in the Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Display section (with regard to 4k displays).

  • Fix: Playlist Window: The toolbar icons at the lower right were not displayed. Additionally the toolbar icons on the left side were displayed with magenta background if the channel list editor was opened before the playlist (old bug already in 5.1).

  • Change/Fix: Stream Playback: Playback of RTSP and RTMP (Flash) URLs is now delegated by default to the LAV Source Filter if installed (previously to the VOD Source Filter that couldn't handle it). Additionally the DVBViewer Playlist now recognizes RTSP and RTMP URLs in .m3u playlist files as URL. Previously they were wrongly treated as local file paths. In combination this enables import and playback of RTSP channel lists (as provided by Sat>IP servers).

  • Change/Fix: Stream Playback: Filter graph presets for playing URLs (containing “stream” as condition) took only effect partly. Now it is possible to create presets for certain protocol types by specifying them as pseudo file extensions (e. g. .http), particularly for forcing the usage of a source filter like LAV. Please note that this may prevent playback of HbbTV content that requires a certain user agent.

  • Change: General: The “Large Address Awareness Flag” is set again.

  • Add: General: Detection of the ATSC E-AC3 stream type.

  • Add: Recorder Options: “Scheduler launch attempts” tweak (see Tweaker.exe). Specifies whether the Windows Task Scheduler shall try to launch DVBViewer Pro one time or two times for a scheduled recording. The default is 1.

  • Add: Channel Auto Update: DVBViewer now also updates / corrects the Network ID, thus avoiding failure of channel -> EPG data assignment.

  • Change: Channel List Editor: The Delete buttons were replaced by a single waste bin tool button.

  • Add: Channel List Editor: “New Category” tool button and context menu item. Inserts a category folder at the selected position.

  • Add: Channel List Editor: “New Root” context menu item. Adds a root folder to the channel list.

  • Add: Channel List Editor: “Default Audio Track” context menu item (F10). Turns the selected audio track sub-entry into the main audio track.

  • Change: Channel List Editor: Scan, Edit Favorites and Close buttons replaced by tool buttons.

  • Change: Channel List Editor: The current channel resp. audio track played in the main window is displayed in bold (also applies to all channel list views except in the OSD). Previously bold channel names indicated in a faulty way channels that had already been handled by the automatic channel update.

  • Fix: Channel List Editor: Incomplete and faulty handling of the “Changed” flag indicating whether the channel list in memory differs from the channel list on disk. The activation / deactivation of the Save and Reload tool button now indicate the current state (also applies to the Favorites Editor resp. favorites list).

  • Fix: Channel List Editor: Missing update of the favorites menu in the main window after changes in the Favorite Editor on some occasions.

  • Change/Fix: Channel List Editor: Some Icons have been changed / corrected, particularly those of the “New Folder” and “Reload/Undo” tool buttons in the favorites editor.

  • Fix: Channel List Editor: The in-place edit box for changing category names showed no text cursor.

  • Add: Channel List Editor: In-place edit box for changing channel, category and root names. It is activated by slowly double-clicking an item (aslike in Windows Explorer).

  • Add: Channel List Editor: After rebuilding the channel list tree view the editor re-selects the last selected channel instead of displaying the tree in collapsed state. Particularly applies to the “Reload” function and to automatic channel updates.

  • Fix: Channel List Editor: The Favorites Editor did not auto-scroll the content of expanded nodes into view.

  • Change/Fix: Channel List: General code cleanup and various minor fixes concerning the channel list management. “Same transponder” detection does not require identical DiSEqC settings anymore.

  • Change: RTSP Device / Sat>IP: The “Hardware → Retune on missing stream” option now reconnects to the server resp. starts a new session, thus being able to re-establish a lost network connection (previously it only repeated the tune command).

  • Fix: Hardware: The TerraTec Connect N3 network tuner was not handled correctly.

  • Updated: Tweaker.exe to version 1.0.6. It displays settings that differ from the default in italic. A new Default Button allows to reset the selected setting individually. The former Default Button is now labeled “All Default”. It resets all settings to their default.

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