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as you maybe know, we planned to publish a tv application for iOS (and Android), but failed since Apple resp. Google prohibit to provide such applications since a while. I don't want to start discussions about this and i totally accept their point. Anyhow the platform and database still exists and also includes 720p high res webcams. I totally love to watch people running across the time square or elephants on a trail across a river in Africa. So i created a application which offers about 400 hd webcam streams.


IMG_2794.png IMG_2796.png


The application will be phone and tablet compatible and i will also create an Android build.


Anyhow i would like to provide multi languages, so maybe you can help. Luckily there are only a few phrases to translate:




Share Station
Quit Application
Do you really want to exit?
The "beautiful world" is just a working title of the app. I'm still unsure how to name it ;)
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Hi Christian,


my best wishes for your new delivery,

here is the Italian translation:

Stations = "Stazioni" (or perhaps better, "geographically" speaking - ie meaning "place" - "Luoghi")

Favorites = "Preferiti"
Map = "Mappa"
About = "Info su"
Action = "Azione"
Refresh = "Riavvia"
Share Station = "Condividi Stazione" (or maybe, as on top, "Condividi Luogo")
Quit Application = "Chiudi Applicazione"
Do you really want to exit? = "Vuoi davvero uscire?"


...I'm very curious to see "Mondo meraviglioso",

really hoping you want also make a PC version...



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I think it would be great with an app like that Christian
Not sure that it is needed but in any case here's the translation to Swedish

Stations = "Stationer" (or perhaps "Lokalisering" as in where the camera is located)
Favorites = "Favoriter"
Map = "Karta"
About = "Om"
Action = "Händelse"
Refresh = "Uppdatera"
Share Station = "Dela Station"(or perhaps "Dela Lokalisering", share location)
Quit Application "Stäng Applikation"
Do you really want to exit? "Vill du verkligen avsluta"


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Nice app!

plz pc version!! :innocent:

Here I give my Latin Spanish translation:

Main Menu = Menú

Stations = Estaciones

Favorites = Favoritos

Map = Mapa

About = Acerca de

Action = Acciones

Refresh = Actualizar

Share Station = Compartir estación

Quit Application = Salir de la aplicación

Do you really want to exit? = ¿Realmente desea salir?


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Hallo Christian,


bis sich hier ein "Muttersprachler" meldet - der mich natürlich gerne korrigieren darf -, kann ich dir diese niederländische Übersetzung (ohne Gewähr, aber mit gutem Gewissen) anbieten:


Main Menu - Hoofdmenu
Stations - Locaties
Favorites - Favorieten
Map - Kaart
About - Over
Action - Actie
Refresh - Vernieuwen
Share Station - Locatie delen
Quit Application - Afsluiten
Do you really want to exit? - Wilt u echt afsluiten?


:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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Action="Kommando" (Not shure what Action does in this App)
Share Station="Del station"
Quit Application="Afslut app"
Do you really want to exit?="Vil du virkelig afslutte?"
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Main menu = Menu główne

Stations = Kanały

Favorites = Ulubione

Map = Mapa

About = Info

Action = Działanie

Refresh = Odśwież

Share Station = Udostępnij kanał

Quit Application = Zamknij aplikację

Do you really want to exit? = Czy na pewno chcesz wyjść?

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