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Crashing on new PC


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I had been using DVBViewer with a rather old Freecom DVB-T (25452) USB stick for some time on my previous PC with no problems. But I've just got a new i5 system and cannot get it to work.


Mobo is a Gigabyte H110M-S2H and (for the moment) I'm using the onboard Intel 530 video. OS is Windows 10 x64 - same as was the old system.

DVBViewer is It completely locks up right at the end of the initial channel scan; eventually I get the Windows 10 "watchdog timer" bluescreen followed by a reboot.


I wonder if the problem is the Freecom drivers; the last x64 ones they released were for Vista, but as mentioned they worked fine on my previous Win 10 x64 / Core2 quad system.


Are there any cheapish DVB-T USB tuners certified for Windows 10 x64? (for UK Freeview, don't need HD / T2)


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Since I can't do a scan I copied the CMUV folder across from the old, working system and now receive UK Freeview broadcasts OK, though rather blocky. Picture was perfect with old system so it's not the aerial.

I tried changing the decoder from LAV to <system default> but again the system completely locks up when I click OK.

I'm not so sure this is a problem with the h/w driver after all. There are very similar reports of systems crashing at the end of channel scan from years ago. Surely that's been fixed.

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I now think the problem is the Freecom driver as the same thing happens with other viewers I tried. It nearly works - I even solved the pixellation problems by moving the adapter to a motherboard USB slot rather than an adaper one, but whatever player I use it crashes the system when I exit. Strange that it worked fine on another Windows 10 system.

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