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start a vbs script on DVBViewer closes


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i'm using the internal Script windowload.vbs, to run some programs when I open DVBViewer.

is-it possible to create a event script when DVBViewer cloes ? (a windowclose.vbs script)

how to do that ?


thank you.

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If you stop DVBViewer by key or remote you can implement a handler for this command in command.vbs.

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I write a command.vbs in C:\Program Files\DVBViewer\Scripts

Sub Main (ActionID)
Select Case ActionID

Case 7
OSD.ExecNewProcess "C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe", "", False, True
End Select
End Sub


Id 7 is channel list, but nothing apen when I open the channel list.

"disable the internal scripting engine " is unticked


May be I forgot something ?


Anyway to run a script on close event (by keyboard, remote or end recording) ?

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You have to redefine the command with an ID > 20480. Only for this commands the Command.vbs is executed.


Here are some examples (unfortunately in German): http://de.DVBViewer.tv/wiki/Command.vbs

Don't know if an english Wiki page exists.


How to redefine input command (in english): http://en.DVBViewer.tv/wiki/Options_Input

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