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UHD programs lag, 100%CPU


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Hey, can someone help me with UHD programs lag, i have an i7 3770k and GTX770 which i think it should be more than enough hardware for playback, when i try play some other 4k MKV files on other player they play just fine(LAV filter as codec), and in DVBViewer my CPU chokes.


LAV filters are set as main codec, and i tried ticking 4k and HEVC codec under CUDA decoding, but stil cant get proper playback.It plays for 2-3 sec than graph says Buffer overflow and picture cuts off and restarts.

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Get a GTX 960. It's the only chip currently decoding HEVC Main10 in hardware. With anything else your CPU won't cope.


In LAV you are better off using any of the two DXVA settings


Tried DXVA, works 100% the same, kind suprised i need such new hardware for HEVC..hm..

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It's the way it is at the moment. With media files, a 64 bit media player and a decent CPU you can get HEVC to play fine... Just.


Live TV is a different beast and DVBViewer is only 32 bit. So at the moment the only way is hardware acceleration and this is only available in the "cruiser weight" GTX 960.


It was the same game with MPEG2 and H.264 a few years back. We have to be patient and wait until graphic cards catch up

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