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channels.dat version 1.9 documentation


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I have noticed that with DVBViewer 5.6 the channels.dat version is increased from 1.8 to 1.9.

1) Will this be documented?

Most of the channel properties I just read. However, I might change the following:

a. bit 7 of TunerData.Flags (all other bits are left unchanged ofcourse).

b. Root, Category and ChannelName.

c. Channelgroup (0..7).

d. EPGFlags

2) Is this usage safe even with version 1.9? (I think so)

3) I would apreciate if someone could supply me with some channels.dat created by DVBViewer 5.6+. I only have DVB-C myself (that works). Just PM me if you don't want to publish your channels.dat.


PS. The new channel editor i DVBViewer 5.6 is VERY nice.

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There was only one thing changed if I'm right.

The "Don't update automatically" Flag. Which excludes channels from the auto update was introduced.
The bit used for this had in old versions a other function. So it could be set in very old channel lists.

With the version change the DVBViewer makes sure it is set to of when updating the channels.dat.

I don't know which bit this is exactly. But if you change the setting in the DVBViewer you should be able to see it.

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Hi Tjod,

Thanks, this is exactly the information I need.

With "Don't update automatically" unchecked I get


with checked it is TunerData.Flags=27=00011011b

Should not cause any problems for me.

3) I would still apreciate some channels.dat

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