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DVBViewer Crashes HEVC File/DVB 10bit


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When I try to open a DVB Channel with 50fps HEVC or a file HEVC Main 10bit with DXVA enabled native or copyback doesn't matter DVBViewer crashes all the time. I attached the log files. Is there a solution for that ? thanks for your help.




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As far as I know hardware acceleration (DXVA) for HEVC only works with some Nvidia top end graphic cards.

(LAV support only NV12/P010 for DXVA and Intel uses IMC3 output with DXVA which will not work with the LAV Filter)


Which graphic card are you using? Mostly you need to disable the DXVA for HEVC.


And to get 10Bit results you need madVR as video renderer. Other video renderer aren't supporting this.


If decoder or renderer crash this will mostly crash the DVBViewer as well.

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I have Skylake CPU with İntel Graphics 530. And I play the same HEVC file with MPC-HC without any problem with LAV Filter. I also tried various kind of Renderers MadVR was one of them. MPC-HC does not crash anyway.

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You are testing with the same file (live playback is something couplet different)?

You are using the same LAV Filter version (32 bit) in MPC-HC for testing?


In MPC-HC DxAV is shown in the LAV Filter options as working?


Try in both the same renderer EVR or madVR not the custom EVR (they a application specific).

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