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DVBViewer SDK for C++


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can you please release some header files for C++? Delphi is pretty much dead and I cant even find a freaking IDE for it. As far as I can see the Delphi SDK should be portable without any problems.

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The DVBViewer is developed in Delphi and as far as I know, no one of the two developers really know C++. So I doubt ther will ever be a official C++ SDK.

There is Lazarus (IDE) but as far as I know not everything from Borland Delphi / Embarcadero Delphi works with the free IDE.



There are some topics about developing plug-ins in c++



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yeah i give up. DVBViewer is cool but writing plugins is worse than cancer. noone uses delphi today only some old ass grandpas. i even downloaded embarcado and the myprogram example. when i compile it does nevent work and the dll is 2mb big in release mode lmao

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Writing normal plugins in C++ is not so difficult. I gave some examples in the thread Tjod mentioned before:




Explanation is in German but code should speak for itself ;-)


What definitely doesn't work: writing OSD plugins in C++ because of some functions with wrong call methods in DVBViewer. IMO this is caused by Delphi.


And you are right: i do not know any other software which is developed in Delphi but this will not be chnaged for DVBViewer because of thousands lines of codes.


Unfortunately the developers are not interested in providing a stable and well documented plugin API for other programming languages.

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Unfortunately the developers are not interested in providing a stable and well documented plugin API for other programming languages.


Rather lack of time (first of all) and experience with other programming languages.

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Delphi is pretty much dead

This is only your personal opinion. The "discussions" and flame wars about this between C(++) lovers and Delphi/Pascal lovers are nearly as old as the programming languages and IDEs themselves.



There is Lazarus (IDE)

I gave up with Lazarus and DVBViewer. I've got the general COM+ API compiled and working with Lazarus but the OSD API did not work. I did not try the latest Lazarus version so far... I don't know how much i like Lazarus. It is a free and open source tool, but debugging is still a big mess with it,

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