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DVBViewer 5.6.3

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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.6.3 today.

DVBViewer Pro 5.6.3
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre

Change Log DVBViewer Pro 5.6.3

  • Change: HbbTV: The ce-html and HbbTV web page loading algorithm has been completely rewritten.

  • Fix: HbbTV: Several fixes and stability enhancements. Redirections are now handled properly, wrong width and height values can no longer cause a crash, invalid javascript close commands don't kill the browser instance anymore etc.

  • Added: HbbTV: Tweak “Automatic color key detection for HbbTV” (see Tweaker.exe). It activates an algorithm that determines if a color key is necessary. Auto-detection may help if DVBViewer does not show the expected HbbTV content, e.g. a background picture instead of foreground video.

  • Fix: Main Window /OSD: Channel switching and/or the Mini EPG OSD did not work correctly with certain combinations of settings (particularly Options → EPG Options → Show EPG Info on channel change, TV/Radio → Browse in MiniEPG, TV/Radio → Channel plus/minus switching delay).

  • Fix: OSD: An OSD-embedded video window did not work correctly in EVR Custom mode with DXVA scaling switched on when the chain of playback components was (re)built while the OSD was visible. It caused the video to be stretched to the whole video area, thus hiding the OSD.

  • Fix/Change: OSD Options: The OSD pages in the Options have been reworked and reorganized (including the corresponding English and German language file sections). Some flaws have been fixed. All mouse related OSD settings are now located on a new OSD Mouse page that replaces the former OSD Appearance page. Appearance related settings have been moved to the OSD General page.

  • Removed: OSD Tweaks: The tweaks “Auto-close OSD channel list”, “Auto-close OSD recording list” and “Auto-close OSD EPG window” are no more available. They are now covered by Options → OSD General → Close OSD on video and TV playback start / Close OSD on audio and radio playback start with extended functionality. Please note that these options only apply to playback started on OSD pages.

  • Fix/Change: Options: The Shutdown and Subtitles page have been reworked (including the corresponding English language file sections), some flaws have been fixed.

  • Fix: Channel Editor: The F10 keyboard shortcut for “Main Audio Track” function did not work and has been replaced by F8.

  • Fix: General: Icon scaling produced ugly results if the screen was set to another color depth than 32 bit.

  • Added: Recorder Log: Three additional lines in the recorder log (timer name, intended end time, timer options). Teletext and DVB subtitle streams are also logged now.

  • Fix: Recorder Log: In some countries the recorder wrongly used the 12 hour format for logging the duration.

  • Fix: Recorder: Corrections concerning the PMT handling. After detecting a wrong PMT PID the recorder did not record the correct one (applies to TS recordings with auto-split switched off). If the “Adjusted PAT/PMT” option was switched on the first PMT in the recording did not indicate all audio streams, causing problems with other software. The PMT was not adjusted if the PMT PID in the channel list was initially 0. No PAT/PMT was written in case of a wrong Service ID.

  • Added: Recording Service Options: Tweak “Method for playing remote recordings” (see Tweaker.exe). It can be used if DVBViewer is configured as client of a Recording Service running on another PC and Options -> Recording Service -> Connect to recording list is switched on. The tweak allows DVBViewer to play remote recordings by means of streaming, so that no network shares and UNC paths are required. There are three possible values: 0 = network shares/UNC path (streaming off, default), 1 = media server streaming, 2 = web server streaming (only Recording Service 1.33 or later).

  • Change: Hardware Options: The “Has CI module” checkbox is now enabled for IPTV network devices.

  • Change: CI Handling: General CI handling enhancements. Inducing decryption does not require a valid PMT PID in the channel list anymore (missing in channels that were scanned while being inactive), thus saving a retune with the corrected PMT PID. Additionally the internal CI handling is not executed uselessly anymore if a required vendor-specific DLL is missing. Some more exceptions are caught and logged.

  • Added: File Playback: Tweak “Search Depth in MB” (see Tweaker.exe). Applies to file playback with the DVBViewer Filter. The search depth specifies how many MBs DVBViewer analyzes before playing an MPG or TS file in order to detect the contained streams and the video/audio format. Increasing the value may help if streams are not found, but also increases the time that is needed for analysis.

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Note: There is a bug in DVBViewer Pro 5.6.3 concerning new installations (without keeping already existing settings) and installations in which no changes on Settings -> Options -> TV/Radio have been performed yet.


The bug prevents direct channel switching with the "Channel Plus/Minus" and "Favourite Plus/Minus" buttons in the DVBViewer main window tool bar and lets them unintentionally browse through the channel list in the OSD EPG display ("Mini EPG"), requiring to press [Enter] for channel switching to take place.


By default this is only supposed to happen when the [Arrow Up] and [Arrow Down] keys are used for channel switching, according to the "Options -> TV/Radio -> Browse in MIni EPG" setting.


The issue can be fixed by switching "Settings -> Options -> TV/Radio -> Browse in Mini EPG" off / on and clicking Apply or OK.

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