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RADEON RX480 demo using DVBViewer 4k video


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It shows some (rare in HEVC) scenes with banding in the backgrounds and I'm just wondering which part or parts of the playback are the reason.

e.g. how much is in the video itself? Then LAV filters, Renderer? And finally the GPU and TV?


The screenshot below shows some banding but stronger banding only on the Nvidia, not on an Intel iGPU.


..I think I found the solution:


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@fxv1 Ok that's weird ... Same hevc file for DVBViewer and MPC-HC?


Could you try MPC-HC 32bit and check the LAV Filter Settings? And please try again with EVR (Not Custom EVR) in DVBViewer. :)

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You mention fine tuning in the filters area, are you talkng app specific ? Can you clarify your suggestion please.


Sorry I'm just busy with fine tuning by myself.. :blushing:

What I mentioned was just a feeling, your infos were quite confusing and I wanted to give you some encouraging words hoping you would then help yourself - wich seems to have worked? :D



What do you make of the different info in the LAV filter for DXVA and HW acc (DVBviwer left picture MPC-HT right picture) ??


Hmm? Your last posted image shows below the snake 2x open LAV properties, one left, one to the right. I then said what they mean.



Yes the video played perfectly when DVBViewer DXVA is set to native. HW is definetly on as it puts no load on CPU when I play that video.


So MPC-HC x64 will also run fine. Should be vers. 1.7.10 or later. Just leave all options on default.

If you changed the options in the past reset them by - Options > Miscellaneous > Reset

Then - Options > Internal Filters > Video decoder - here check HEVC, UHD and DXVA2 Native as usual.


Should now play the Demo perfect.

Here how the filters then look like playing the Demo




When playing the file strange artifacts happen every scene change.


This should not happen! I see some slight jumping and very short artifacts at 3 cuts here. Still the same after your imrovements? Is MPC working now?

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