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DVBViewer 5.6.4


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.6.4 today.

DVBViewer Pro 5.6.4
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre

Change Log DVBViewer Pro 5.6.4

  • Fix: Main Window: In case of new installations and installations in which no changes on Settings -> Options -> TV/Radio had been performed yet the "Channel Plus/Minus" and "Favourite Plus/Minus" buttons in the DVBViewer main window tool bar unintentionally opened the OSD EPG display ("Mini EPG"), requiring to press [Enter] for channel switching to take place.

  • Fix: Channel Editor: In case of DVB IPTV clicking Apply on the channel data page of the channel editor stored wrong data preventing further reception of the channel.

  • Fix: Channel Editor: A change of a satellite frequency on the channel data page of the channel editor did not adjust the LOF and 22 kHz signal settings accordingly.

  • Fix: HbbTV: Under certain circumstances redirections were not handled correctly yet.

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We've reuploaded the installer and added a signature. We hope that false positives by Microsoft Defender should now be gone.

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