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Your trial, purchase and installation procedure is hateful.


Why make a new customer re-setup the whole thing again? You know they've only done this an hour before.


I understand you seem to be going to great lengths to deter thieves but I suggest you find a way that does not annoy a new customer so much!


I like the product itself but am not looking forward to dealing with you should the need arise, based on my experience thus far I suspect I will be made very unwelcome.

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A year later and I have to reinstall and am again frustrated by the procedure.


I have a copy of the keyfile but what username and password do I enter in to the keytool?


It does not accept my forum password or username. The only email I have from you is from the original forum registration (below).


Please assist, as I suspect there is a simple mistake I am making, this is driving me crazy!





This email has been sent from http://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/index.php


You have received this email because this email address

was used during registration for our forums.

If you did not register at our forums, please disregard this

email. You do not need to unsubscribe or take any further action.



Activation Instructions



Thank you for registering.

We require that you "validate" your registration to ensure that

the email address you entered was correct. This protects against

unwanted spam and malicious abuse.


To activate your account, simply click on the following link:




(Some email client users may need to copy and paste the link into your web




Not working?



If you could not validate your registration by clicking on the link, please

visit this page:




It will ask you for a user id number, and your validation key. These are shown



User ID: 154252


Validation Key: 1b5634c16a685ad371f6fd51f1b70e60


Please copy and paste, or type those numbers into the corresponding fields in the form.


If you still cannot validate your account, it's possible that the account has been removed.

If this is the case, please contact an administrator to rectify the problem.


Thank you for registering and enjoy your stay!

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The username and password are different from the forum login and were mentioned in the email where the keyfile was sent to you, together with a checksum. With a notice that you should keep those data safe! The username is the initial email address you bought the license with (and stays even if you don't have this email address any more). If you still have a working installation of DVBViewer you can start the Keytool there and get username, password and checksum displayed.


Email looks like:


Date of purchase: xx.xx.xxxx

Thank you for your purchase.


The software can be downloaded from the following link:

Keyfile (attached): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.dvbvkey
Login/Username: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xx
Password: xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx
Checksum: xxx

** Please store the keyfile on your harddisk. It is required for DVBViewer installation **



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Thank-you for such a quick reply.


EDIT 2: Solved; Windows has now downloaded the full text in the email message, which it would not do yesterday and has taken hours today.



edit 1; I also have the original email that had the keyfile attached but there is nothing other than the attachment.

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